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World Storytelling Day 2020: History, Significance, and Theme of Storytelling Day



World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling on March 20, 2020. It is celebrated every year on the March equinox or first day of spring, on (or close) March 20.

On World Storytelling Day, whatever number individuals as possible tell and listen to stories in however many languages and at as many places as possible, during that day and night. Members disclose to one another about their occasions to share stories and inspiration, to learn from one another and make international contacts.

The unofficial holiday celebrates the tradition of oral storytelling and urges members to tell and listen to stories from various cultures and in various languages.

The significance in the occasion lies in the way that it is the first global celebration of storytelling of its sort, and has been significant in producing joins between storytellers often working far separated from one another. It has additionally been significant in drawing the public and media to notice storytelling as a work of art.

World Storytelling Day aims to celebrate the art of oral storytelling, with whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances around the globe telling and listening to stories in their languages around the same day. Individuals participating can interface up with others around the world who are likewise contributing – making it an international celebration that makes new companions and promotes positive comprehension of cultures around the globe!

On World Storytelling Day, whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances tell and listen to stories in however many languages and at the greatest number of spots as could be allowed, during that day and night. Members disclose to one another about their events to share stories and inspiration, to gain from one another and make international contacts.

Storytelling is the passing on of occasions in words, pictures, and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have partaken in every culture as a method for entertainment, education, cultural preservation and to impart virtues. Significant elements of stories and storytelling incorporate plot, characters and story perspective.

A considerable lot of us go for the day participating in oral storytelling without acknowledging it. Have you at any point made up a sleep time story for your kids? Have you at any point enlightened a companion regarding your most humiliating moment? Shouldn’t something be said about describing a childhood memory with a sibling? These are on the whole instances of oral storytelling.

Oral storytelling is tied in with lighting up encounters for an audience. This audience could be anybody, including your children or companion. Professional storytellers likewise tell stories to entire groups of individuals. When telling a story, a great many people use gestures, facial expressions, and various tones of voice.

There are numerous beneficial things about oral storytelling. Other than making a holding environment, oral storytelling gives rich chances to think back and assists with associating our past to our present. Oral storytelling additionally cultivates creativity and encourages visualization.

World Storytelling Day: History

World Storytelling Day has its roots in a national day for storytelling in Sweden, around 1991-1992. Around then, an occasion was organized for March 20 in Sweden called “Alla berättares dag” (All storytellers day). The Swedish national storytelling network passed out easy after, however, the day remained alive, celebrated around the nation by various lovers.

In 1997, storytellers in Perth, Western Australia coordinated a five-week-long Celebration of Story, remembering March 20 as the International Day of Oral Narrators. Simultaneously, in Mexico and other Latin American nations, March 20 was at that point celebrated as the National Day of Storytellers.

At the point when the Scandinavian storytelling web-network, Ratatosk, began around 2001, Scandinavian storytellers began talking, and in 2002, the occasion spread from Sweden to Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia.

In 2003, the thought spread to Canada and different nations, and the occasion has become referred to internationally as World Storytelling Day. Beginning around 2004, France took part in the occasion Jour Mondial du Conte.

World Storytelling Day 2005 had a grand finale on Sunday, March 20. There were occasions from 25 nations on 5 continents, and 2006 saw the program become further. 2007 was the first time a storytelling concert was held in Newfoundland, Canada.

In 2008 The Netherlands participated in World Storytelling Day with a major occasion called ‘Vertellers in de Aanval’ on March the 20th; 3,000 children were shocked by the abrupt appearance of storytellers in their classrooms.

In 2009, there were World Storytelling Day occasions in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia.

World Storytelling Day 2020: Theme

The theme for World Storytelling Day 2020 is “Voyages”.

The feeling of ‘Voyage’ is a LONG journey made generally NOT via LAND.

A voyage takes you over the Boundless, away from civilization, supplies, comfort, and the Known.

Astounding voyagers, youthful and old, journey to the world’s uttermost reaches, from the highest peaks to the most blazing deserts, and wherever in the middle of on a mission investigation and revelation, or trade. What are the testing difficulties that they fight? How would they go up against fears? What self-belief and passion keeps them going? In any event, when it appears that everything is stacked against you.

These stories will share the moments of exquisite reward and insight, in times when you are racked without anyone else uncertainty and issues.

World Storytelling Day 2020: Celebration

Celebrating World Storytelling Day is very basic. You can take an interest in the local Storytelling occasions in your region on this Day. Share your inspiring story with individuals at the occasion to share and appreciate. You can even organize a storytelling occasion and welcome individuals to partake.

On the opposite side, you can find stories even from different members. Award prizes for the best story that delineates the culture and theme. You can share your stories and perspectives about this Day via social media using the hashtag #WorldStorytellingDay.

Numerous schools, libraries, and different associations hold storytelling events on this day. The most ideal path for you to observe this day is to just tell somebody a story. If you know stories in a different language, tell those too. You could likewise search for videos online of your preferred story told in an alternate language.

Another approach to partake is to sit with family or companions around and take a turn telling stories. The stories could be genuine or made up. Whatever you do, make certain to share this day via social media with #WorldStorytellingDay.

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