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YouTube’s Most Recent Action Encourages You To Pay For YouTube Premium For An Ad-Free Experience



YouTube's Most Recent Action Encourages You To Pay For YouTube Premium For An Ad Free Experience

Ad blockers are being targeted by a global experiment YouTube is currently running. The video platform giant trusts that this move will encourage its free user base to become paid subscribers. Keep reading for more information.

Pay For YouTube Premium For An Ad-Free Experience

In light of a post made by Reddit client Reddit_n_Me, YouTube will presently remove your access to videos in the event that ad blockers are detected. This is being carried out as a “3-way strike,” where on the off chance that an ad blocker is recognized, YouTube will caution you thrice and ask you to move to YouTube Premium. On the off chance that you fail to comply, your access to your current video will be cut off instantly. Moreover, you will be restricted to just 3 videos on the platform. Your access will be blocked after that. This does not apply to you if you are not already using an ad blocker.

A pop-up window representing the warning will open. It will prompt you to sign up for YouTube Premium, disable your adblocker, or “allowlist” YouTube. Your access to the platform will then be terminated. Notwithstanding, it is muddled how long the strike will last. Will it be for 24 hours? Will you be able to use a VPN to access YouTube? Will it be a super durable boycott except if and until you either debilitate your ad blocker or sign up for YouTube Premium? We do not yet possess that information. Ideally, YouTube will reveal some insight into this soon.

Additionally, it is essential to remember that the current strike is not yet accessible to the general public. It’s actually being tested internally and has just been made accessible to a select group of global users. This was recently affirmed as well. Nevertheless, this points to the possibility of a forthcoming public release. Should this happen, you might have to pay to partake in an ad-free experience on YouTube.

In light of this strike, it is essential to be aware of the various pricing options if you are considering purchasing YouTube Premium. You can decide to pay Rs 139 per month, Rs 399 for three months, or Rs 1,290 for 12 months. With YouTube Premium, you will actually want to appreciate ad-free video playback and ad-free access to YouTube Music, background playback, and the ability to download videos for offline playback.

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