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3 Side Projects on YouTube You Should Try Before 2024



3 Side Projects on YouTube You Should Try Before 2024

There has never been a better moment to be a YouTube influencer, with the platform estimated to have 2.7 billion active users and an expanding influencer marketing business. Since 2019, the size of the worldwide influencer marketing market has more than tripled.

TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are among the most widely used channels for influencer marketing. Thanks to its community of creators, YouTube, the second-largest search engine, has a robust user base of 122 million users worldwide through its online and mobile apps. Its ad revenue has reached billions of dollars.

This makes it an appealing option and valuable endeavor when thinking about side gig ideas or even full-time freelance career ideas.

YouTube Side Projects

Here are just three of the many ways you may work at what you love and earn money on YouTube:

1. Instructional Guides

Many individuals who are looking for a solution to a problem or a how-to on Google often go to YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine on its own, and type in their query. People may quickly find solutions to a variety of issues on YouTube, which is a great educational resource. Whether it’s tutorials and instructional content for kids or DIY projects, cooking, coding, gardening, finance, career guidance, job searching, or even DIY, creating tutorials and instructive content will keep your audience engaged.

Make sure you only capture information about topics you are informed and enthusiastic about, and stay inside your niche. If not, your lack of confidence can come over on video (or voice, if your face is hidden). Most significantly, it will have an impact on the caliber of your work, which will result in less views.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t always need a high-quality camera in order to present instructive content. You may be able to have a faceless YouTube account, where you create videos utilizing a combination of stock footage and photos, a voiceover (or AI voiceover), or a screencast, depending on the subject you are teaching.

2. Product Evaluations

After choosing a niche, add product reviews. Because consumers frequently want to know how nice or effective something is before deciding to spend money on it, product reviews are extremely popular. In exchange for free products from brands eager to collaborate with influencers, money through affiliate connections, or payment via advertising agencies, you are effectively the test subject when you write product reviews.

In order for you to talk about these items as an expert or active user, they should ideally be pertinent to your field or experience.

For example, it would be great if you were reviewing a camera and you were also a photographer or YouTuber, as you could then address specifics that serious photographers or vloggers would be aware of or watch out for.

Listed below are some products you may like to review:

  • Fitness equipment
  • Equipment for photography
  • Cosmetics and skin care items
  • Text devices and software

3. Provide Language Instruction

Why not produce content to aid in learning for others if you speak many languages well? Ninety percent of businesses, according to research, highly value multilingual workers, and over the next few years, demand for interpreters and translators will soar.

By posting language-learning videos on YouTube, you may help thousands of people take advantage of their special language abilities to get better jobs and income.

You can offer live and recorded language classes, historical and cultural insights, or simple language learning advice on YouTube.

How to Earn Money on YouTube

Metrics related to views and audience size are among the most crucial components of a prosperous YouTube channel. This is because, given the platform’s payment and advertising framework, they are essential to your ability to generate revenue. You have more chances to earn money through a variety of channels the more followers and video material you have, such as:

  • YouTube Partner Network (income from adverts)
  • Collaborations and partnerships in affiliate marketing
  • Enrollment in courses (outside connections to a course you’ve developed)
  • Memberships on channels

The aforementioned three YouTube side projects will all require time and patience to develop, but if you are persistent, set up your channel with the right content and strategy, and do your homework on your target market and the keywords they use, you can turn your side project into a successful side business.

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