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10 Legit Online Jobs to Finally Quit Your 9 to 5



10 Legit Online Jobs to Finally Quit Your 9 to 5

Droning on year after year in a job you despise just to make a living is no way to live. Today’s digital world is full of amazing opportunities that can cut your daily routine ties and allow you to become your own boss. Now is the time to quit working that 9 to 5 autonomous existence and free yourself from your standard job. There are so many opportunities to make money online and here are 10 legit online jobs that will free you from your 9 to 5. 

Social Media Manager

Everyone seems to be on social media these days and various companies actually use social media as a significant part of their marketing campaigns. It does not take a degree in marketing to produce high-quality posts, tweets, videos, and more on social media. If you have experience in social media and the know-how to make posts go viral, you can be a significant asset to big-name companies. In 2020 alone, social media users increased by 13.2% and according to those numbers, an estimated 4.2 billion people use social media in some form. There is a huge market for social media managers in our global economy. 


If you have an eye for numbers and the skills to back it up, online bookkeepers are in high demand. Bookkeepers help track and manage finances in SMB’s and even large-scale companies to ensure proper accounting. Preparing financial statements and client invoicing is a part of bookkeeping as well. If you love accounting work, bookkeeping is the online job for you. 


You might not have an eye for numbers, but if grammar, spelling, and punctuation are your specialties, proofreading can be a highly profitable online career choice. Proofreaders assist publishers in ensuring books are free of errors and as much as technology has advanced through the years, there has yet to be an AI program that can perform as well as the human eye. Proofreaders are in high demand and are used by publishers, lawyers, and anyone else who requires perfect grammar in their publications. 

Website Design

This can be a fun and exciting career choice for those who are design-oriented. Website design is a career choice that can be done without any degree. Where you might want to take a few classes to understand the basics of coding, most website design programs use templates where no coding is necessary. Website designers are in high demand as more people want websites that stand out, but remain on track with current trends. 

SEO Specialist

SEO or search engine optimization is the driving force behind websites and their ability to be found by customers searching online. SEO specialists are highly sought after by companies of all sizes and they work remotely to improve visibility for the business. SEO specialists are not only able to improve websites, but all content that goes into them from blogs, newsletters, emails, and more. This job requires no degree but does require knowledge in marketing and backlinking websites. 

Online Tutor

Possibly the best online job opportunity of this century is an online tutor. Online tutors are essential for our global economy and help students throughout the world learn without ever stepping into a traditional classroom. Online tutor jobs have skyrocketed in the past few years and these days, online teachers are highly desirable. Finding the best tutor job online is not an issue when you use sites such as and this career choice can be done completely online and free up your time to travel or do anything you want to. 

Graphic Designer

Design jobs used to require a full degree, but not anymore. When you have an eye for design, in our modern world, all it takes is a little study and online tutorials for graphic designers. Software such as Adobe and various other design programs can help you design visuals for the computer as well as signs, business, cards, flyers, and other traditional marketing materials. 

Data Entry Specialist

Some jobs do not require an eye for design or any particular specialty skills. Data entry specialists merely input data into various programs. This type of job is ideal for those who have the ability to type 60 WPM or more and can be highly profitable. Data entry specialists are highly desired in the medical and law fields and work remotely on their own schedule. 

Virtual Assistant

Assistants are an essential tool for a variety of different professionals, but virtual assistants are now outshining personal assistants. Virtual assistants perform tasks such as data entry, social media posts, emails, and much, much more to take the strain off their employers. A virtual assistant position requires extreme attention to detail and an aim to please the client. 


A transcriptionist is one that transcribes recordings from audio to text. Requirements for this type of work are to be a good listener and a fast typist. Transcriptionists are used in both the medical and legal fields, but can also be employed by a variety of industries as well. The job can provide very reliable income and endless potential to improve your typing skills. 

These 10 online jobs are among the most profitable and legitimate ways to earn a living. There are a variety of scams out there today, so when looking for these jobs, always do your research. Only use credible resources with reviews to ensure you do not get sucked into an online job scam. You too can free up your time with these amazing online career opportunities. 

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