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10 quick steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur from Hooman Pirveysi (Hooman Zirobom) Top Iranian Entrepreneur



10 quick steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur from Hooman Pirveysi Hooman Zirobom Top Iranian Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires hard work and perseverance because unfortunately in the business/startup area, there is no wizard who magically gives success to small businesses and their owners.

When you start your business as an entrepreneur, you want to make sure you know what makes entrepreneurs successful. It means the right attitude towards a business and the determination and steadfastness to succeed.

1. Work as if you are going to retire tomorrow

Do you know anything about retirement? Retirement makes it harder for us to save more. As an entrepreneur, you need to work as if you are going to retire tomorrow. In the soul of every successful entrepreneur, there is a desire to work hard.

Successful entrepreneurs find hard work and fun in hard work. So they never get tired. And when they do succeed, they are fully prepared to face it.

2. Focus on your opportunities

This focus and intensity will help you eliminate futile efforts and distractions from your life. Most companies die of indigestion instead of starvation – in other words, companies suffer more from doing a lot of work at the same time than from doing just a few things very well. Stay focused on your mission.

3. Move fast and progress fast

In the world of entrepreneurship, there is nothing wrong with acting slowly. Mark Zuckerberg even has a slogan for the importance of speed in business. He often says, “You usually do not act fast enough in matters except in the matters in which you sabotage.”

In short, do not spend too much time making decisions. Deliver the work first, then work on it continuously.

4. Be a problem solver

Many people recognize what they wish they could do, or imagine the useful products or services they are eager to have. However, few actually act on those ideas. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to always look to the world around you as a problem solver and always a welcome inspiration.

5. Be flexible but stubborn

A successful entrepreneur must be smart to act and execute. You need to be constantly learning and adapting to new information as you encounter it. At the same time, you must remain steadfast in the cause and mission of your organization. This is where that faint sound becomes very important, especially when it gives you early warnings that things are getting out of hand.

Successful entrepreneurs strike a balance between listening to that voice and staying steadfast on the path to success – because sometimes success is right on the other end of the spectrum, hiding in the guise of failure.

6. Never accept “no” as an answer

Want to know why, after all the frustration and disappointment, very successful entrepreneurs are still finding their way to the top? Because they never accept “no” as an answer.

When you ask for help from others, and they disappoint you, do not consider their response to your request as a determining factor in your success.

7. Love yourself

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn to love yourself. Many people hurt themselves so much to please others that they completely ignore their feelings. In the world of entrepreneurship, you have to love yourself as much as you can. Many people will not care about your feelings. Everyone is trying to win, so stop worrying about pleasing others and start loving yourself!

8. Action, action, action

It is possible that many others have thought about what you are trying to do unless you are the smartest person on the planet. Success does not necessarily come from innovation in progress but from flawless practice.

A great strategy alone will not win a competition or a battle; Victory comes essentially from dealing with and overcoming problems. We’ve all seen entrepreneurs spend a lot of time writing business plans and preparing PowerPoints. No matter how much time you spend completing such a program, you still have to adjust to the facts. You will get more and more useful information from acting than from guessing and speculating.

9. Live a romantic and passionate life

Success is achieved only when you believe in it and are passionate about the results of your work. Your energy will inspire potential investors and partners, and help you grow your business.

Your excitement can motivate your entrepreneurial activity. Identify the reason you have a strong feeling about it and try to figure out how to fight it.

10. Hire smarter people

The people who work with you are going to play a huge role in the success of your business. Smarter people build better businesses. When it comes to recruiting, you need to look for the smart ones. Look for people who are smarter than you.

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