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100 Thieves Announces The Departure Of Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black From The Team



100 Thieves Announces The Departure Of Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo Black From The Team

The offseason for League of Legends is still not over as teams are looking forward to updating their roster. Announcement of the departure of the legendary support i.e. Zaueri Aphromoo Black is the most recent move. He has left the roster for the upcoming season.

It was back in 2011, that Zaquieri Aphromoo Black began his league of Legends career. For a couple of years i.e. till 2012, he played the attack damage carry where he changed to the support role. He popularized the role via informative videos. He then joined the counter logic gaming on finding his new role.

In the Counter Logic gaming, he played alongside the legendary AD Doublelift. The combination of both received a nickname i.e. “The Rush Hour.” The 2015 season has been considered to be the “Golden Age” for the team. They were never pulled down to any lower place than second. The only reason they failed to qualify for Playoffs was that they lost a tiebreaker to Cloud 9. The team fell off a cliff in playoffs. Hence they did not perform to the regular-season game.

The duo, “The Rush Hour” was split up in 2016 season with the Doublelift leaving the team for the Team Solo Mid. Aphromo was coupled with rookie “Stixxay.” The counter logic game took part and attended the IEM San Jose in November 2015. They defeated the Jin Air Greenwings and Unicorns of Love before they lost to Origen. The next was not very much encouraging for the fans of CLG. The loss of legendary ADC has a greater impact on the roster.

It was in December 2017, when the 100  Thieves, the new league of the legends organization

announced the acquisition of the support Aphromoo from the Counter Logic Gaming. The team constituted Meteos, Ssumday, Cody Sun, Ryu, and Aphromoo. Keeping in view the earlier performance, the team looked really strong on paper.

The first split of the LCS was a huge success, 100 Thieves finished the first in the Regular Spring Season. They reached the finals of the Spring Playoffs and lost to the Team Liquid in the end. In the Spring Split 2018, they looked unbeatable. Everyone has really high hopes when they came into the Summer Split.

AnDa was brought in the Summer Split. AnDa was in a second jungler and impacted their game profoundly because of the synergy as compared to Meteos. The squad finished third Summer Split as well as fourth in the Playoffs. It was indeed the worse result as compared to the Spring Split.

The team qualified for the World Championship in 2018 however they failed to get out of the groups. Following this, the Summer and Spring Split of the LCS turned out to be a disaster for them and finished eighth in the Summer while tenth in the Spring.

No doubt changes were expected however when it was seen that 100 Thieves Announces The Departure Of Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black From The Team was shocking. It is because Aphromoo enjoyed a legacy behind him. He played as luckluster in the Spring and Summer Split 2019.

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