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7 Reasons Why You Must Switch to Brave Browser Now



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The new Brave browser has been getting quite popular by the word of mouth being spread. Probably the rationale behind this is often its creator, Brendan Eich, who was always the cofounder of Mozilla Firefox and JavaScript. Here ill list down 7 reasons why switching to the present amazing browser is that the best decision you’ll ever make.

1. The brave browser fulfills your security concerns.

The main purpose of this browser is to guard the user’s privacy, thus the few data collected by this browser is additionally anonymized. Hence, there’s absolutely no tracking of your internet activity log, your personal data isn’t given to any website, and you’re employed privately. With this brave browser, you won’t even got to download an extension to cover content or block ads.

2. Faster speed in terms of performance.

Brave browser is quicker in processing, meanwhile securing your activities. It’s proven to stream and cargo webpages 3-5 times faster than of its rivals on both, mobile or desktop. It’s even been reported that Brave consumes around 40% but off Google at run time, which suggests it saves data, memory and better of all, battery.

3. Brave values the valuable times of its users.

The brave setup comes with a built-in AdSense network; this advertising model is currently dominating the online. Once you surf using Internet Explorer or Chrome, your experience on the web is disturbed by endless flow of ads, however, with a brave browser, you won’t be bothered in the least. Its ad elimination is one among its best’s features and takes your surfing experience to subsequent level.

4. BAT Tokens

Another feature of the browser is that the reward point it provides its users with. The browser supports an open web by letting users reward content creators with BAT tokens.

You’ll get to activate the Brave rewards feature, and then you’ll send tokens to any content you discover interesting, to support the creator. This will be done directly or on a monthly basis. BAT tokens can be earn by doing brave download & install.

All the sites that desire to profit from these tokens require registering on the essential Attention Token project as a verified Brave publisher.

5. The necessity for a singular, Advertising Model

Basic Attention Token or BAT project is that the main ground of this browser. This is often a wholesome cryptocurrency project because it tries to unravel problems with variety of users.

The BAT project may be a whole new revolutionary idea for the web world of advertising by endorsing a singular model respecting the privacy of users. Additionally, this unique model is supposed to be more equitable for quite few stakeholders, like advertisers, publishers also as users.

BAT program is certainly the answer of the longer term online marketing, justifying its full potential. By using this browser, you’ll be participating within the upcoming unique model of advertising, which may become only relevant within the future.

6. Promoting Open Web

Make your web faster and more user-friendly. With this open web, content makers are reward and acknowledged instantly, without flooding the users with annoying ads to gather data in an effort to get profit. The brave browser is also best for windows 10. The brave browser for windows 10 is for free. With the Open Web desired by Brave Browser, content creators are rewarded directly by users via BAT tokens. There’s no got to flood the user with intrusive ads and collect data to hopefully generate profit. Everyone benefits from this new advertising model of BAT which makes it so special.

7. You’ll play with the Browsers’ outlook.

As you recognize how the various themes are in fashion nowadays, hence, the brave browser allows you to change the theme of it so users can play with its interface. There are two themes. One may be a light theme which may be a soft look, and a dark theme that saves your battery and doesn’t give out an excessive amount of light.

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