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A Complete Guide On Iron Sights



A Complete Guide On Iron Sights

Gun accuracy is a significant performance indicator for competitions and the quality of the gun. The accessory helping the accuracy is called an iron sight. It is pre-installed in all modern firearms; however, it can be customized to fit your needs. Iron sights are usually on top of the barrel and help accurately land shots up to 200 meters. The accessory can also be installed and customized when making a gun from 80 lowers receivers. 80% lower receiver from 80% ARMS are some of the best quality on the market. If you want more information on iron sights, the following information will interest you.

Types of Iron Sights

There are typically two types of iron sights on a rifle they are;

  1. The Ghost Ring: It is found in most modern weapons and doesn’t require much adjustment while making the shot. It is usually situated in the middle, just behind the trigger. The shooter will focus on the target by placing their eye on the ghost ring. The shot is pretty accurate from this type as it is mainly zeroed, and you don’t have to make additional changes. However, you must factor in wind speed and other such factors over long distances to make the shot. Overall, this iron sight is best for beginners and amateurs.
  2. Peep Sight: This sight is seen on old guns. However, veteran enthusiasts prefer this sight over the ghost one. There is a .70mm hole that focuses on the front sight for accurate shooting. In this type, the focus is mainly on the front sight rather than the target. The shot will accurately hit the mark if the peephole and front sight are focused. Additionally, this type of iron sight requires some focus and calculation to make the shot. A significant drawback to this iron sight is that it can only be used in the daytime as it blurs everything other than the front sight.

These are the two types of iron sight; however, the ghost one is now more popular as it’s easy to use, and the shots are more accurate. Despite all these facts, your usage and style will define the type of sight your want.

Sight Radius

This is an essential factor to consider in any iron sight. Typically, the longer the distance between the rear and front sight, the better the accuracy. Distance is necessary to understand the field of depth accurately; otherwise, it would become nearly impossible to hit long shots with precision. Therefore, maintain a proper distance between the front and rear when adjusting the iron sight. The best rear sight placement is just above the trigger, and the ideal placement for the front one is just behind the barrel. Therefore, the next time you miss shots at the shooting range, try adjusting your iron sights in the manner mentioned above.

Iron sights are an excellent tool for accuracy; however, only proper settings will do the job. Take inspiration from the above discussion and become an expert in iron sights.

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