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Online Maths and Logic Games: Reason I Still Encourage My Kid to Use Internet



Online Maths and Logic Games Reason I Still Encourage My Kid to Use Internet

How many of you recall your childhood days when you got excited after getting a mathematics scrapbook?

Most of you have a sweet memory of waiting for the scrapbook and then spending the whole night solving the kid’s level logic. Today technology has grown exponentially compared to where our childhood days. This technological leap has ended the classic maths books that were more like games for us. These are nowadays replaced with Online Maths and Logic Games that have enhanced the scope of content globally and offered vast selection options.

That’s the prime reason I still encourage my kid to use the Internet and spend quality time getting new learnings from the Internet.

Some of you would wonder what these games are that can recall your childhood memories and gives the perfect platform for your kids to learn digitally. Let’s talk about some popular games that remind me of your awesome childhood; even some of you would relate to them.


With the image, you feel like you are sitting in the first row of your school. This Sinal Game is a simple game to find the right operator between the numbers that result in the given answer. With every correct answer, you get +2 points, whereas one mark is deducted for every wrong answer.

The complete interface of this game gives a perfect tough to bring back your physical school experience. Interestingly, you also get a timer that builds your speed to make quick decisions.

Your test will continue till the timer ends, regardless of your positive or negative responses. After the time is up, you can either restart the game or move back home to find other interesting Math Games Online.

True Number Operator:

Online Maths and Logic Games: Reason I Still Encourage My Kid to Use Internet

Next in my favorite games list is True Number Operator, where your kid has to calculate the answer based on the operator used between single-digit numbers. The fancy design of this game makes it engaging yet exciting. 

A simple design keeps your kid connected for a long without breaking their attention. Here you are given a short time frame that requires instant actions/selection. These games are highly recommended to build quick decision-making skills for your kids.

Educational Math 4 Kids:

Online Maths and Logic Games -- Reason I Still Encourage My Kid to Use Internet

Another great game to start the early maths classes for your kid! This game is more the initial classes to mathematics where your kid gets the beginning knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With each symbol, you get a timer-based calculation (depending upon your abilities – Units, Hundreds, Thousands, etc.) 

This is a highly recommended game for kids who have just learned the basics of maths and are excited to enjoy it.

These are just a few of the many other games that I played and enjoyed. Playing these games personally made me highly excited to encourage my kid to spend his screen time playing them. It’s best if your kid is investing more screen time on such games compared to other unimportant videos/games on the internet.

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