Adoring Our Motherland, Allithantha Boomi Is Releasing On 25th July.

Cherishing the Mother Land, we are proud to draw your attention to the upcoming

release of our new album title Allithantha Boomi on 25th July 2021. This song is

composed by K. Suthakaran (London), with music production and arrangement

headed by Maris Vijay (Indian Film Composer) and song was DOP and Edited by Senthuran Summugarajah Canada. The vocals to this song are Super

Singer Sinmaye Sivakumar (Canada), Super Singer Balaji Sri, and Georginaa Mathew.

With Vaira Bharathi and Maris Vijay as the lyricist. This song is about the beautiful

Thenmarachchi, one of the three historical regions of the Jaffna Peninsula in

northern Sri Lanka.Maris Vijay canvased the scoring of this song like orchestra and

opera choir with powerful anthem song blending it into Indian Jazz, Kerala folk,

adding a new flavor to it. This song is mixed by Sivakumar at the renowned Trinity

Waves Studio in Dolby technical aesthetes in stereo image 3D sound.

Before this scripted idea of patriotism to our beautiful motherland, K. Suthakaran and

Maris Vijay had proclaimed a big hit through the Sambavaii Saranam album, being

rewarded and recognized in the foreign land. Maris Vijay was awarded the Best

Music Producer Award from India. Today coming forth with this soothing concept to

enjoy the unbounded beauty of the motherland, the title Allithantha Boomi is all

about praising and savoring its bounteous beauty.

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