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Ajinkya Bhagwat a fascinating Indian Entrepreneur, Musical Artist who became Successful at his work



Ajinkya Bhagwat

A Middle class boy who took agriculture as his career, who had no choice because his parents wanted to see him as an agricultural officer has built and established his successful startup on social media market on 7th July 2020 which helped 10000+ people across the world and worked with many public figure, Celebrities, musicians, fashion models and entrepreneurs

The Internet is one of the most powerful yet important parts of everyone’s life today. No one can imagine life without it and many have built their lives with the help of it. Ajinkya who is an Indian entrepreneur, a student, and an influential marketer in the economic field who is inspiring today’s youth with his work. With the dream of making an identity on own, he is successful in creating a niche for himself in the field of management. While many students are spending their lives with a happy-go-lucky attitude, this boy is a multi-worker who strikes a perfect balance between his studies and his work.

He’s the Founder of Gc SMM at an age of 18. He belongs from a town of Akola in Maharashtra, while studying Agricultural he established his start-up which is successful and generated $15000 in Lockdown. His journey was tough when he had to decide between his career, and his passion which he built. He spreads overseas, and he has one of the best digital marketing agencies and operations in the UK, US, Europe, Canada and India. His social media strategies go beyond just posting. He runs social media ads and campaigns globally, and has the potential to generate conversions through Instagram. A branding platform where he promotes Artists from worldwide on his Instagram account @million_king has 100 thousand +fan base audience who love his write-ups also known as “Instagram Writer and An Influencer”

He has his own story which will inspire you and many upcoming youth. Recently when a person asked him, How did you become successful? And how did you manage at a very small age of 18 .He replied, Never show your success to anybody, let your work tell people how successful you are. The first principle to become a successful person is to smile 24 hours, smile in such a way that when somebody wakes you up at midnight you should smile and that will keep you motivated. Second principle is you should have patience, a person Cannot succeed in his life if he don’t have patience.

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