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Americans Need to Earn This Amount of Money to Feel Financially Secure and Independent



Americans Need to Earn This Amount of Money to Feel Financially Secure and Independent

A recent Empower study found that 67% of Americans desire financial independence, which is typically defined as not requiring financial support from friends or family. How does one go about achieving that, though? An annual salary of at least $94,000 is what the average American says they would require.

While not simple, that is achievable. 2022 saw a $74,580 median income. To get to $94,000, that would require a raise of more than 25%. These are some strategies you can use to enhance your financial situation and achieve financial independence.

Ways to Increase Your Income

Increasing your income is usually a wise decision, regardless of whether you feel financially independent. After all, inflation causes your income to progressively lose value if it stays the same. You can beat inflation by increasing your income (and making stock investments).

There are several ways to increase your income:

  • Obtain a promotion or raise at your current job. Discuss with your manager what kind of work a raise would require. To ensure a steady increase in your pay, this should ideally be done once a year. Additionally, keep an eye out for chances to get promoted. There are internal job boards in many companies. If yours does, be sure to frequently check this to be informed about what’s available.
  • Get a new job. It pays to look for work on a regular basis if you want to optimize your earning potential. Update your resume frequently, and look through job postings once a month at the very least.
  • Start a side business. A side business is a simple way to boost your income if you have spare time. Depending on your interests and skill set, you can choose the ideal side gig, but common choices include pet sitting, delivery, and ridesharing.

And if you work for yourself? These techniques have proven effective:

  • Seek out better, higher-paying customers. This is frequently the best approach to increasing your income as a freelancer.
  • Boost your productivity. You can increase your income by finding ways to maximize your time and complete more work.
  • Determine your specialty. Being an expert in a particular niche will usually allow you to charge more than being a jack of all trades.

Increasing your capacity for income

The value you provide to your clients or employer determines how much money you make. The highest-paying professions demand highly skilled, specialized training. For example, the top ten professions with the highest average salaries include cardiologists, surgeons, and professional athletes. Little training is usually required for careers that don’t pay well.

This does not imply that you should aim for the NBA or enroll in medical school. Nonetheless, it’s essential to have a specialty that no one can pick up in a few training sessions.

Your best option if you’re feeling stuck with your current pay could be to concentrate on acquiring lucrative skills that you can use to increase your income. Many of the skills that can increase your income are available online for free learning. For example, consider:

  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Writing/Copywriting
  • Project management
  • Web development

Success in the financial world involves more than just having money.

Different people have different definitions of financial independence. Relying less on financial assistance from friends and family is the most widely used definition. According to that viewpoint, you are financially independent as long as you are making all of your bill payments.

However, the majority of people aspire to more than subsistence living. You can be financially independent and still live paycheck to paycheck, after all. Simply put, you won’t be able to plan ahead or feel very secure.

It’s crucial to set aside money for investments and savings because of this. Saving 10% of your income and investing the remaining 10% is a good goal. Let’s say your annual income is $80,000. You could save $8,000 and invest an additional $8,000. These are only recommended amounts; you can change them to suit your income and spending.

There is more to being financially secure and independent, even though your income is important. If you are not a good money manager, having an income of at least $94,000 won’t make everything better. If your salary isn’t that high, it’s still possible to be financially independent. No matter how much money you make, try your hardest to maximize it, and don’t forget to save and invest as well.

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