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Ani Idrus – Google Doodle celebrates Indonesian senior journalist and Waspada daily newspapers founder’s 101st birthday



Ani Idrus- Google Doodle celebrates Indonesian senior journalist’s 101st birthday

Google Doodle celebrates valiant Indonesian senior journalist and activist Ani Idrus’ 101st Birthday on 25 November 2019.

Ani Idrus was a senior reporter and co-founder of Harian Waspada daily newspaper with her husband H. Mohamad Said in 1947.

Co-founding one of the longest-running Indonesian daily newspapers in 1947 and still active today, Waspada, Ani Idrus became a leading power in the country’s journalism, education, and politics.

Ani Idrus
Ani Idrus

Born on this day in 1918 in Western Sumatra, Ani Idrus’ life left a wake of gigantic change. Building up herself as a journalist during the 1930s, she proceeded to publish Waspada just before Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch. Ani Idrus likewise served as a foreign reporter for over 10 years before releasing the primary edition of a well-known women’s magazine. In 1988, in acknowledgment of her achievements in journalism, Ani Idrus won the Satya Press Award.

Ani Idrus is buried in Jalan Thamrin Public Cemetery, Medan. At last, he served as General Chief/Chief Editor of Alert Daily and the Women’s World Magazine in Medan.

Ani Idrus began her career as a journalist in 1930 by beginning to write in Panji Pustaka Jakarta magazine. At that point, in 1936, she worked for Sinar Deli Medan as an assistant in the Political Circulators magazine. Accordingly, in 1938 he published the political magazine Seruan Kita together with H. Moh. Said and 1947 published the Waspada Daily with H. Moh. Said. After two years, 1949, published the magazine ‘World of Women’.

As an individual from the Young Indonesia political movement, Ani Idrus’ activism kept on creating. She went to Indonesia’s First Women’s Congress, which led her to chair the North Sumatra Women’s Front and became Deputy Secretary-General of the North Sumatra National Front.

Firmly attached to Ani Idrus’ dedication to causes that profited Indonesian women was her push to improve education all through the nation. Her effect on the education system is set apart by the opening of eight schools, the foundation of the Ani Idrus Education Foundation (YPAI), as well as her service as Chairperson of the Waspada Soccer School.

Honored with a stamp in 2004, Ani Idrus’ life encapsulates her mission to improve the lives of Indonesians all through the archipelago, particularly those of women and kids. It might be difficult to realize exactly what number of lives were decidedly influenced by her energetic endeavors in journalism, education, or politics, yet her work remains as a monument to her standards.

Notwithstanding being engaged with the world of journalism, Ani Idrus additionally settled and led educational institutions that are under the Ani Idrus Education Foundation. Toward a mind-blowing finish, he additionally served as Chairman of the WASPADA Soccer School, Medan, Director of PT. Prakarsa Abadi Press, Medan, and Chairperson of the North Sumatra Branch of the Asma Foundation.

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