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Ankit Malik, the name added to premium book writers after success of “Not an Idiot”



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We have seen many films which are inspired from books based on actual stories, there are few writers who are able to bound audience with their writing. Ankit Malik , a well known Writer from delhi is among premium book writers after success of “Not an Idiot”. Although he has few other highly sellable books in his bucket but “Not an Idiot” is the one who gave him fame in Bollywood industry as well.

Putting the back cover to its rest; he had wasted yet another few days in the search of an actual fiction novel but all he got was books filled with words by famous writers that barely satisfied him and not a real story. He had always been fond of books; and fiction novels happen to be one of his favourites and to him there seemed to be very less number of good ones. His disappointed brain kept bothering him since that very moment and it was all solved when he said “Hell I can write better than this”, whilst he talked to himself. Born was the writer in Ankit Malik in that very thought among the hundreds of self-conversations struck in his brain and that’s when he realized he wanted to write novels.
There was a rush of excitement and nervousness which oozed inside him when he sat in front of his laptop to write. He wasn’t even sure whether he would go on writing hundreds of pages although he had the storyline running in his mind. From the click of the first letter, he started living another life with his book. It was one fascinating escape from reality into something he was exploring from somewhere within. His better half being the blessing in disguise filled in each of his empty voids of insecurity and doubts by reading his piece of work regularly.

The excitement in her eyes to read every day made him type relentlessly and that’s how he came up with his first novel ‘Live In Relation’ based on a love story not typically bound to imaginary romance but real tough faces of life. After a span of time, he got into a thriller mindset and had ‘Not An Idiot’ as his second one. This was followed by ‘The Marital Glitch’ that simply spoke about a couple tangled into misunderstandings and their journey of tears of sorrow as well as joy. His fourth one ‘I’m All Ears’ was a typically different novel from the rest that took the readers to know how a girl who recently lost her hearing ability realises the pangs of hunger of the world around her when she finally found a way to know what they were saying and finally found it wasn’t worth hearing. Finally the fifth one ‘Not Everyone Has A Story’ has the autobiography of his grandma.

Seems casual right? But it was not less than a script of a thriller movie to everyone who read the piece of art. Hats off to her life of unbelievable struggles and truly inspiring instances.
Undoubtedly, from being uncertain whether any publisher would ever be interested in his work to rambling up five books led by unstoppable fan mails, texts and phone calls, Ankit Malik becomes the new chit-chat in the writers’ town who enjoyed this journey with his full heart. According to him, to be a writer is the best thing in the world. After all what’s better than having the power to make any character dance, cry, laugh or even kill them just on your tips like a king. He wishes what quenched his thirst of writing novels contents his readers too.
Contact Ankit Malik: [email protected]

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