Ankur has set an example in the Digital marketing world for being young and dynamic

Digital Marketing is the new norm in this new normal. Thanks to the potential he has in the domain of digital marketing. The young man Ankur hails from Hojai Town and he is from Assam State in the Northeast area. Despite coming from a modest background, his passion has helped him to prosper. His love for computers led him to enter into the field of digital marketing. In his teenage, he was able to garner the knowledge about social media and developed his skill sets in this field to embark up as a digital marketing expert.

Soon at the age of 17, he started working as a freelance digital marketer along with carrying ahead his studies. He opted for a graduation program in digital marketing from online Institute and also pursuing bachelor of arts from Rabindranath Tagore University, Assam. All these years he has worked with more than 100 brands and companies and helped them to develop their business and prosper in the touch competition.

He helped to boost up the sales in a big way and thus was able to make his business into brands and thus added the company names on the top. He is currently pursuing his PG Diploma program in Online Marketing Strategy and Digital Automation and Contextual Content. He intends to go a long way and this is just the start. Well, he intends to go a long way in the field while working with companies, celebrities and brands all across the world.

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