Nathan Johnson – A young Social Media Entrepreneur who mastered the power of Social Media and leveraged it.

“Don’t hold yourself if you have reached a certain level of success, keep striving for more, and aim to reach the stars”, says Nathan.

Nathan Johnson is a young Entrepreneur. At the age of 20, he is his own boss and is making enough money to make himself happy. But the success story of young Nathan dates back when he was just 13 and discovered the tremendous potential of social media. Like many teens today, Nathan too had an instant pull towards the social media platform Instagram. But unlike any teen his age, he saw something that could possibly change his life forever. He created an instagram page and soon started earning a considerable income.

Now at the age of 20, he is the master of the trade and runs multiple Instagram pages. From an early age he had a zest for more and his secret to achieving such massive success is simple and straight. Firstly he says that, “Goal setting is extremely essential.” Be it long term goals or short term. He sets targets and goals both for his personal as well as professional life. Secondly he advices to, “Never be satisfied in what you have.” This does not mean to not be grateful for your achievements, just keep striving for more. Because the moment you become too comfortable with what you have, is the moment you stop growing. He looks up to mega billionaires like Elon Musk who always seem to do something different and unique. Even though they seem to already have everything at their disposal, still they aim for more recognition, more success, which in itself is so inspirational.

Earlier he used to measure success and happiness in the terms of money he earned. But soon he realised that happiness and success do not comprise just of the monetary possessions you have, but also of your relationships, family support and such intangible things. His piece of advice to aspiring young businessmen is to reinvest more than 50% percent of your earning into your own business to help it grow and multiply. Plus he suggests to trim down your expenses and let your income surpass it. This does not mean dump your money into a bank and never use it. But have a controlled and a planned usage.

These words of wisdom coming from someone who has achieved a lot at this age is worth considering, without an iota of doubt.

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