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Apple releases its iOS 15.4 software update for iOS 15 with new features for your iPhone



Apple releases its iOS 15.4 software update for iOS 15 with new features for your iPhone (1)

Apple has released an update to its iOS 15 software, following a beta process that started in late January. That implies current iPhones will actually want to install iOS 15.4, which additionally comes pre-installed on the iPhone SE (2022) and green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models that hit stores this Friday.

Apple has started carrying out iOS 15.4. The highly expected update adds a handful of features numerous iPhone users have been waiting to try out since the organization initially started testing them back in January. Among the most eminent is the option to unlock your gadget while wearing a mask, making it so you needn’t bother with an Apple Watch to unlock your phone without removing a face covering or inputting your passcode. Whenever you’ve installed iOS 15.4, you’ll have to activate it manually in the Face ID and Passcode section of the Settings menu. iOS 15.4 additionally comes with a new voice option for Siri.

Showing up the previous fall, iOS 15 has already presented a huge number of features, yet resulting updates have added more capabilities. We’ve already seen iOS 15 updates that launched SharePlay for watching videos and listening to music with individuals on FaceTime calls and a new privacy report for all the apps installed on your iPhone.

From the initial beta release, iOS 15.4 flagged that it would have been a significant refresh for iOS 15. While there’s no individual feature as huge as SharePlay or a perceptibly MIA feature like App Privacy Report at long last showing up, iOS 15.4 presents various changes and fixes. What’s more, one specifically will be particularly welcome by mask-wearing iPhone users who haven’t had the option to unlock their phones with Face ID since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

Here is a look at some of the more interesting options that iOS 15.4 delivers as well as guidelines on to get the software stacked onto your iPhone at present.

iOS 15.4 release date

iOS 15.4 debuts today (March 14). The software update comes a few days before the March 18 release of the iPhone SE (2022) as well as a new color option for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. (The former now features a green color while Apple bills the Pro models’ new option as “Alpine Green.”) All three phones will incorporate iOS 15.4.

However, assuming you have a viable iPhone, you can experience iOS 15.4 at present. To grab the over-the-air update, simply go to the Settings app, and tap on General. Select Software Updates, and iOS 15.4 will be there waiting for you. From that point, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions for downloading and installing iOS 15.4.

As usual, we suggest backing up your iPhone before installing a software update. You’ll probably want to ensure your iPhone is plugged in during the update process.

Assuming that you can run iOS 15 on your present iPhone, you’ll have the option to use the iOS 15.4 update. That implies any gadget including the iPhone 6s or later, as well as the latest generation of the iPod touch. An iPadOS 15.4 update with a considerable lot of these equivalent features – in addition to the launch of Universal Control – is coming simultaneously.

Apple has likewise released iPadOS 15.4. It presents another highly anticipated feature: Universal Control. First declared at WWDC in June and afterward postponed toward the year’s end, it permits you to control various Macs and iPads with a single keyboard and trackpad or mouse. The two updates additionally with the 37 new emoji characters presented as part of Unicode 14.0. That implies you can use characters like the “melting face” in your text discussions, and add skin tones to the handshake emoji.

To download the new updates, launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, then, at that point, tap “General” followed by Software Update.

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