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Google Maps slows down all around the world; users face a directionless experience



Google Maps slows down all around the world; users face a directionless experience

Several people around the world were left directionless on Friday night as Google Maps was down for almost six hours. Different Google Maps platform services were experiencing high rates of error, including a few of Google’s web services and the Maps Javascript API and services.

On Friday, Google Maps was down for more than 60 minutes, in this manner leaving users worldwide directionless. The service stopped working across all platforms including the mobile app and web interface. Rather than location and the map, users could simply see a blank page.

Google issue tracker page said that the accompanying Google Maps APIs (application programming connection point) were impacted:

  • Elevated response latency: Directions API
  • High rates of errors: Maps JavaScript API, Maps SDK for Android/iOS, Maps Static API, Gaming Services, Maps Embed API, Cloud Styling, Navigation SDKs.

Users of Google Maps who want to lead a few Friday afternoon tasks are in for a bump today, as a service outage appears to be making a few difficulties with Maps in places all around the world. The number of reports on Down Detector started to rise a few hours prior, and our testing shows that Google Maps is inaccessible on both the desktop and the Android app. While the actual maps regularly load in a sensible amount of time (however there have been occasional minor postponements), looking for addresses and areas of interest will in general slow down, and information cards take an eternity to load.

The first reports began arising at around 9 PM IST on Friday in the US/Pacific region.

Over 12,500 Google Maps users in the US announced an issue with the app on Downdetector which offers real-time status and outage data in light of Twitter trends and reports submitted on their website and mobile apps. Almost 300 Indian users likewise announced a comparative issue simultaneously on a similar platform.

“Our engineering team continues to investigate the issue. We apologize to all who are affected by the disruption,” Google said on its issue tracker page while it was working on a fix.

Google affirmed that every one of the issues tormenting Maps was settled for all users globally at 2:42 AM IST. Google took around six hours to determine the issue, however, it was to the point of transforming the world loaded with cell phone clients into a furor as they had issues navigating and reaching their destinations.

Comments from impacted users recommend this interruption is global in scale, and we’ve independently verified issues across landmasses. Up to this point, we’ve yet to see any Google reaction to the blackout, yet will refresh our inclusion as this story creates. Admittance to Maps seems, by all accounts, to be enormously improving, and we’re done seeing the extended burden times and through and through freezes we were only an hour prior. Google is effectively following the blackout, and posting notices.

Twitter exploded with images that taunted the expanded reliance of cell phone clients on online navigational tools like Google Maps.

Google Maps Downtime

Going by the Downdetector website, Google Maps was unavailable across India. Ultimately, individuals were finding it difficult to move around, particularly the people who are driving or riding in a new landscape.

According to the report, it was stated that Google Maps was down worldwide and more than 12,000 users detailed obstacles across the United States. Other than Google Maps, somewhere around 887 users claimed they couldn’t get to even the Google search engine. In the UK, over 2,000 users answered to have confronted issues in using the navigation tool. Be that as it may, the issues connected with Google were amended and the number is relied upon to slide further.

Moreover, a few users took to the social media networks in regards to the circumstance. This is likely the first time that Google Maps was down. According to industry reports, this is the ideal opportunity for alternatives to grab the spotlight.

A few users took to the social media handles to recommend that Google Maps going down implies they need to switch back to the traditional paper maps strategy for navigation. Be that as it may, it will be difficult to adapt to for some users and excessive in the current digital period.

Aside from the regular commutes, the issue of Google Maps going down hampered businesses, for example, delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato. Eminently, delivery partners of these services depend on the platform for navigation across the cities.

For ignorant individuals, Google Maps is used generally and is the favored navigation tool on mobile for a great many people. Particularly, in markets like India, where Android phones compensate for most of the sales, Google Maps is a significant fascination as it is preloaded in these gadgets. Understanding this, the service carries out a few new features for its users in India to test before a global rollout.

Google Maps is available in over 220 countries and regions and features a huge number of businesses and places.

Its last significant update was in October 2021 when Google acquainted new tools with help users decrease their environmental effect including eco-friendly routing, live navigation for cyclists, and bike and scooter share information.


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