Ashkan Kagan is a popular Iranian musician in the hip-hop style and a music teacher in the fourth generation of hip-hop in Iran

Ashkan Kagan is a popular Iranian musician in the hip hop style and a music teacher in the fourth generation of hip hop in Iran

Ashkan has started his career as a Producer seriously since late 2014, he has been able to release very good songs and each of His songs have been welcomed by many people and in this way he has been able to gain many fans and audiences. Now, we are going to introduce the most famous songs of this Producer, that’s why we suggest you stay with us until the end of the content to get more information.

Due to the fact that activities in the rap style are not allowed in Iran and all the singers of this style work underground in their profession, therefore many of them have migrated outside of Iran for a long time and live in the countries of Iran. They have gone outside of Iran, including Turkey, so that they can work freely in their profession. For this reason, the question that arises for many people today is, where is Ashkan? Or has Ashkan also migrated from Iran? It is better to know that this famous rapper currently lives in Iran and the city of Babolsar.

 It should also be added that he has not talked about his migration with his audience until now. Therefore, it does not seem that this rookie Producer intends to emigrate from Iran. When the news about the cooperation of two rappers is published in the virtual networks and media, this makes many rap enthusiasts happy and especially the fans of those two rappers, because usually the feats made by the rappers They are published and are very attractive and audible. It should also be added that this famous and novice rapper has had very attractive and audible collaborations with some other rappers, and through these collaborations, he has been able to increase his fame and knowledge. Now, if you are a fan of this talented rapper, it might be interesting for you to know that he has had very good collaborations with other rappers, including Soroush HipHopologist, Dorcc, Poobon, Catchybeatz, Leito and some others.

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