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Atlus declares Persona’s 25th-anniversary celebration anime streams, concert series projects



Atlus declares Personas 25th anniversary celebration anime streams concert series projects and events

After a significant delay, Atlus has at long last uncovered the first projects that will be a part of Persona’s 25th-anniversary celebrations. Atlus had before declared that it will host a 25th-anniversary event for the Persona series in September, and today marks precisely 25 years since the release of the first game in the franchise.

In a new declaration shared through the Atlus Twitter account, the publisher affirmed some of the celebratory events fans can expect from this month onwards, after seven new project declarations back in July.

“This September, the Persona series will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and has also officially reached 15 million units worldwide,” Atlus said. “To thank you all, we’re preparing a year-long campaign from September 2021 to Fall 2022, as the ‘Persona 25th Anniversary Year,’ and we can’t wait for you to see everything we’ve got planned for the festivities!”

First up, Atlus affirmed that a better than ever Atlus storefront is coming this October as ShopAtlus. The online store will be available worldwide shipping and will start with a special product collection for the Persona 25th Anniversary Year, as well as new collections which will carry out every few weeks.

A collection of new Persona 25th anniversary desktop wallpapers are likewise as of now accessible to download from the official Atlus website, while extra details will be uncovered as the months come.

Atlus had officially stated that it will make 7 Persona-related declarations between September 2021 and Fall 2022. As expected, fans have been speculating about the idea of the projects for months. Some expect that Atlus should go straight into the next mainline game in the series, while some others want a full remake of Persona 3. A fighting game highlighting characters from Persona 5 was additionally referenced a few times, however, it seems as though fans should wait for a couple of months for new game declarations.

Atus has just released a video, suitably titled “Persona 25th Times Vol. 1”, on their official Japanese YouTube channel that details the nature of these first declarations. It is in Japanese and features Morgana from Persona 5. Morgana refers to that he is the ambassador of Persona’s 25th Anniversary campaign, so fans can expect to see him in every single future video. As the first declaration, Atlus will make all previous Persona anime series available for streaming in Japan, including the live stage adaptations of Persona 5.

Atlus has uncovered through the Persona 25th Times Vol. 1 broadcast that a Persona 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert will be held at the Tokyo Opera City Hall. Scheduled for November 21, 2021, the concert will include a wide variety of tracks from the Persona series. Moreover, the broadcast uncovered that all Persona animated series will be available to stream in Japan.

Concerning Persona 25th Anniversary Concert, tickets are immediately accessible to pre-order through a lottery system. Pre-orders for tickets will stay open until September 23, 2021.

As referenced beforehand, those situated within Japan will want to watch the Persona anime during this period free of charge. The specific dates concerning when certain Persona anime will be available to stream have been revealed through the official Persona 25th-anniversary website. This list incorporates the animated adaptations of Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5.

The next Persona 25th Times Vol. broadcast will show up at some point in December 2021, as indicated by the official website. There are at present no clues concerning what might show up during this broadcast. The Persona 25th anniversary website initially showed up in July 2021, prodding a few unannounced Persona-related projects.

The second declaration details a 25th-anniversary special orchestral concert that will include famous tracks from the Persona series. It affirms that 2 live performances will occur on November 21 at Tokyo Opera City Hall. Afterward, Morgana specifies that Lyn will perform at Tokyo Game Show this, prior year showing some Persona merchandise for fans to buy. The video features that titles from the Persona series are as of now on sale in Japan, and finishes with affirming that the next declaration video will be released in December.

Even though Atlus has at long last begun making declarations of the projects that will be a part of Persona’s 25th anniversary, fans were likely expecting a new game to be at the forefront of the show. While the uncovering of Persona 6 might be the big finale of this campaign, there are a lot of different games that will undoubtedly if it’s not too much trouble, long-time fans. Notwithstanding, it seems like the majority of the non-gaming-related declarations are far removed, and it will be reasonable to expect that fans will have high expectations from the next show in December.

The first feature for the Persona 25th anniversary will be the anime streams for all Persona anime, including the entirety of the movies.

  • Persona 5 The Animation (26 episodes)
  • Persona 5 The Animation: Dark Sun & Stars and ours (2 episodes)
  • Persona 4 The Animation (25 episodes)
  • Persona 4 The Golden Animation (12 episodes)
  • Persona 3 The Movie (4 parts)

All the Persona anime will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Bandai Channel, Hulu, ABEMA, U-NEXT, and more.

The second feature is the “25th Anniversary Persona Symphonic Concert,” which is set to happen on November 21 at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. The concert will incorporate various tracks from the Persona series.

Lastly, Atlus will have a Persona 5 mini-concert at TGS 2021 hosted by Lyn Inaizumi (Persona 5 vocals). It will be part of the #LOVE_SEGA fan campaign in Japan.

For the present, there’s nothing that exciting on the cards: Atlus has thus far affirmed that a better than ever Atlus retail facade is coming this October. ShopAtlus will be an online store (with worldwide shipping, distinctly) that will host a special product collection for the Persona 25th Anniversary Year, with new things being added to the store every week.

There are some Persona 25th anniversary desktop wallpapers available on the official series website, as well.

Atlus has declared it will make all previous Persona anime series accessible for streaming in Japan (for now), and the studio will likewise be making the live stage adaptation of Persona 5 available to watch, as well.

Atlus has likewise guaranteed that the Persona 5 stage plays and Super Live concerts will be accessible to watch through streaming.

Earlier today, a new Japanese trailer from the official YouTube channel was published which uncovered a few more bits of data including the fact that Atlus will make all previous Persona anime series available for streaming in Japan, alongside the live stage adaptation of Persona 5 (thanks, GameRant).

Furthermore, a special orchestral concert will occur on November 21 at Tokyo Opera City Hall and will consist of two live performances including tracks from the Persona series.

The anniversary celebration will be running until Fall 2022, so it looks like there’s something else to expect.

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