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Avinash Singh – The big player of Digital Market creating wonders.



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Today the world has evolved and developed with new Technologies. The modern computerized methods has surprised everyone with its reach. Digital Marketing has boomed in last few years. Avinash Singh has made his presence count in the digital world and now is an asset to it.

Avinash Singh who has a strong hand in the modern computerized planning, constructed his venture at very early age. He is the trailblazer who initiated to do some unexceptional assignments in the growing industry.  The modern technology and its methods has created a healthy completion. In this competitive market where every day new organization step in to create best, Avinash Singh not only adapted new techniques and technology but also skillfully utilized it and gave some remarkable results.

Avinash Singh is a futuristic and perceiver person who directs his plans and techniques towards the goals. He has brought his ideas and solutions in to his work to generate numerous digital advertisement. His innovative and creative thinking makes him different from others.

Avinash Singh has 5 organizations and is the CEO of INITIATORS MEDIA. Today this Digital Entrepreneur has more than 2M+ turnover which shows his excellence and dedication towards his work. He develops brand image of his customers which ease their work and also promotes them on the larger platform.

Avinash Singh makes every chance count by his developing and fixing solutions. The best example of it is when the world was suffering the loss generated by pandemic, he was creating the design with his experience to make no harm to his clients.

The Youthful Digital Marketer’s had most of the nation clients. He believed his prosperity is the liability as he is among the most successful business person in India. He thought that his capacity and ability to work is made for the larger crowd. He shifted his territory to from local to global. This not only gain him good ledgers but also gained appreciation on the global stage. Today his agency is ranked as no 1 in USA.

The passion of creating best for his clients rewarded him as the best role model of the digital market

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