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Beginner’s Guide to Native Advertising by VDO.AI




Nobody likes the advertisement, except those who are making it, that are marketers, creative, and advertisers. With the increase in the adoption rate of ad blockers and chrome’s new ad filter (blocking annoying forms of ad), it turned out to be difficult to promote or advertise a brand by using the traditional strategies. This is the reason why all the marketers and business owners are opting for native ads, a non-invasive form of advertising.

However, with this huge demand for native advertising, more than half of marketers and advertisers still don’t understand native advertising and its effects on their campaigns and budgets. 

The first thing that a marketer needs to understand is what actually native advertising is and how it is different from traditional techniques. Getting aware of the native advertising options makes your work easier. The experts of advertising at VDO.AI have shared everything about native ads that a marketer and advertiser should know. So, let’s jump to it and explore how it can benefit your business.

What is native advertising?

Native ads can be considered as a chameleon of digital marketing. By definition, native advertisement is a type of paid content that matches the appearance, feel, and purpose of the platform where they appear. It is sure that you encountered native ads a lot of times but chances are you may not have noticed them. Native ads are present almost on all digital marketing platforms. Majorly, you will find them on social media feeds such as Facebook or Instagram. Native ads also appear on web pages in the form of recommended content.

Native advertisements are completely different from traditional banner and display ads. The secret to that is native ads are non-disruptive in nature, meaning they are designed in such a way to blend with the overall content that they don’t annoy the readers and simultaneously promote a business and offering to a wide range of audiences.

So why is it crucial for advertisers to opt for native ads? On what basis it can be said that native ads are far better than any other form of online advertising? Scroll down and explore the answers provided by the VDO.AI team, the professionals of native ads-

Native Ad facts –

  • Approximately 70% of people agreed to know about a service or offering from an article and not from the traditional ads.
  • As compared to display ads, consumers notice native ads 53% more frequently.
  • CTR of native ads is 40 times more than traditional banner ads.
  • Native video advertising accounted for 80% of internet traffic at the end of 2020.
  • In the coming years, more than 25% of the market will be shifted to native advertising

These stats are proof of how native advertising is replacing traditional advertising techniques.

Advertisers may love native ads because of their higher click-through rate and much stronger engagement than regular ads. But a business owner and advertiser should know that trust is everything. If your native advertisement is giving a deceptive feel to your consumers then you will not get the expected ROI from native ads.

This is why it is important to select the best native advertising partner. VDO.AI has a team of professionals who can create amazing native videos and floating ads for you. VDO.AI reviews are sufficient enough to explore the success of their work.

Types of native advertising

To achieve the objectives of native advertising, brands use the following four main types of native advertising units.

  • In-feed native ads

In-feed or in-between the content is the most prevalent type of native ad formats which usually appear on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, and Snapchat in the form of feeds. You will find them either in the form of sponsored ads or in-feed promotions.

By sponsored content, we mean those advertisements that take the form and function of the content appearing in a particular feed. You will find sponsored native ads on many popular platforms such as Forbes, Buzzfeed, Mashable, etc. On the other hand, in-feed promotions appear in the feed but do not behave like the content. This type of ad promotes a service directly by linking the content to the main site.

In-feed ad formats are widely used by Linkedin and Facebook to seamlessly present the content without disturbing the reader’s flow.

  • Promoted Listings

Through promoted listings, eCommerce businesses are making a huge profit. Rather than pushing the products or services directly to the users, they are featured with promoted listings that fit well with the environment. This type of native ad format is highly targeted and relevant as they are shown to users on the basis of their recent activities on the web. Promoted listings are quite similar to in-feed promotions but they have their own category.

  • Story Ad Unit

This is the newest video advertising format that has been included in the native ads category. The VDO.AI team has been using this native ad format very well and you can check VDO.AI reviews, how happy the customers are after using the story unit feature. This works on the same framework when you view the story status on several social media platforms such as Instagram. What makes it different is its additional features, which means the story unit allows the viewer to see 5 different video ads for a duration of 10-15 secs. A well-planned creative story can engage the users as well as receive the click on the ad.

Without disturbing the current flow of the user, the story ad unit showcases the user with different content that is completely relevant to the content he/she is reading or viewing.

  • Recommendation widget

You might have noticed the suggestion at the bottom or in the left or right sidebars of a page. These suggestions are directly related to the content you are reading and there are higher chances that you are interested in reading them. The only difference is that the content is added by some other brand or publishers and not from the webpage you are currently viewing. With these recommendation widgets, advertisers can achieve their KPI goals and position themselves in front of their target audiences.

Are you all set to launch a native ad campaign? What are you waiting for? Contact the VDO.AI team now and start making huge profits from your business.

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