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Benefits of Compression Arm Sleeves You May not Know



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There are several underlying causes of saggy or flabby arms and these may include age, genetic conditions, or weight loss. These conditions put you at a disadvantage, making it difficult for you to pick out a nice outfit when you need one.

The bad news is that saggy skin is a stubborn condition. Sometimes, despite your best efforts whether through exercise or dieting, this stubborn condition hangs on and never wants to leave. To understand the situation, you need to know that the arm skin is one of the less elastic parts of the human body and is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in a person’s weight. You could choose to use plastic surgery procedures like arm liposuction or arm lift to control the excess skin or remove excess fat in the arm.

Compression sleeves come in after such surgeries. These sleeves are designed for use throughout the post-operative care process after you have undergone liposuction on the underarm, forearm, or arm itself. They help to form your arm and ensure the full success of the post-operative care process. You are advised to choose the best arm gadgets following the advice of your plastic surgeon.

ContourMD offers some of the best compression arm sleeves to help get you back to your best shape after your surgery. There is a rising wave of understanding regarding the benefits of compression arm sleeves whether it is the professional athlete who is in tip-top shape or the cancer patient who needs this device, everyone is beginning to join the conversation.

While compression levels may differ, results never change. This short stretchy garment has grown in popularity for its ability to improve blood flow and ensure that recovering arm muscles get enough oxygenated blood.

For football, hockey, basketball players, and professional wrestlers, compression arm sleeves offer improved circulation and prevent injuries from occurring while cancer patients still undergoing several therapies experience improvement in their lymphatic systems when they use this product.

What is the difference between Arm Lift and Liposuction?

You will remember that saggy or flabby skin/arms can be brought on by several different factors and one of the possible remedies is arm liposuction. Liposuction of the arm aims to extract all the excess fat from the arms. An arm lift, on the other hand, is designed to remove excess skin from the arm. Arm Liposuction may be enough to control the sagging in some cases. The process of liposuction requires that the physicians make small incisions on the arm and then insert cannulas which will remove the excess fat in specific areas.

Sometimes, arm liposuction may not be enough to conclusively remove saggy skin. This is when surgeons recommend the patient undergo an arm lift. There are variant techniques used for arm lifting, it could depend on the surgeon’s chosen style. The surgeon on your case will tell you the best technique for your own specific needs. The technique that will guarantee the best result in your case will be decided by your surgeon.

Some of the reasons why one should use compression arm wear include improved blood flow, UV protection, improved immune system, and regulation of body temperature.

Compression Sleeves function like a second skin

The best compression arm sleeves like the ones on ContourMD function like a second skin. You could use a compressions arm sleeve when you engage in any contact sports outdoor, this way, you will be able to protect your skin from scrapes or cuts. The sunblock or sunscreen can be lost to the effects of the sun over a short time, but the opaque fabric of the compression arm sleeves will not go off and will insulate you from the effects of damaging UV rays.

Better Blood Circulation with Compression Arm Sleeves

If you suffer any injury, be it from playing sports or from something else, your immune system automatically activates blood cells to clot around the injured area, just as healthy blood cells move to begin the healing process. When this happens, there is swelling and inflammation around the injured area.

When you wear a compression arm sleeve, it reduces excess swelling, improves blood circulation, and builds up your tendons, muscles, ligaments to help keep you safe from future injuries. Your time of recovery from an injury would increase without the aid of compression sleeves and you may not be able to recover your full range of motion. To stabilize the arm and ensure that mobility is retained after full healing, you will need a compression sleeve or a gauntlet like the Juzo Signature Compression gauntlet.

You could use a compression sleeve to improve the flow of blood to the surgical site after undergoing mastectomy surgery. It helps to boost lymphatic drainage also. This reduces the risk of lymphedema and keeps infections at bay.

Temperature Regulating quality of Compression Sleeves

It is important to regulate your body temperature, it helps in every aspect of your health. Certain illnesses will make it difficult to maintain your body temperature. This is where a compression sleeve comes in; it can help to keep you warm in cold weather and cold in warm weather thus keeping your temperature well regulated.

Following breast cancer surgery and the treatments that follow, some patients often notice fluctuations in their body temperature. A compression sleeve will regulate blood flow and provide a warming layer of protection thereby reducing the impact of these post-surgical changes in temperature.

Ease Muscle Soreness with Compression Sleeves

For those who have suffered previous injuries, you could use the compression sleeve to support the injured area to ensure it is kept flexible. This will help to prevent soreness while ensuring an improved flow of blood through your body. With increased blood flow, your body will heal much quicker and recovery time is drastically improved.

Final Words

The appropriate wear can help you obviate the possibility of a disappointing result. You already know that there will be some swelling around the treated area at the end of the procedure. It might become very important to pay attention to the swelling especially when a lift came right after liposuction.

Compression sleeves apply just the appropriate amount of pressure to ensure that the edema is completely removed. Another excellent benefit of compression arms sleeves is their ability to hold the tissues together. With the sleeves, you can avoid the waves or loose skin and enjoy ideal contours after undergoing an arm lift.

With compression arm sleeves, you can always keep blood and lymphatic systems in full circulation. This is indispensable when it comes to preventing and recovering from injuries and surgery. What’s more? These sleeves are comfortable to wear!

There are several benefits to wearing compression arm sleeves especially as you make your way back to full health.

You will find compression sleeves in a variety of pressure levels and styles all designed to meet your specific needs. 

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