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Best Places to Look for Finest Junior Financial Staff



Best Places to Look for Finest Junior Financial Staff

Top talent is in high demand across all industries. Given the abundance of opportunities in finance for recent graduates in the fields of fintech, wealth management, accounting, and financial analysis, this is especially true in that field. Here is a look at the finance graduates of 2024 along with some advice on how to attract the top candidates.

Trends in the job market for recent graduates in finance

The graduate job market in finance is changing significantly, even though traditional careers like advisors and analysts are always in high demand. Technological developments, especially the emergence of generative AI and the expansion of fintech are the driving forces behind this. These days, to give their business a major competitive advantage, many companies are looking for candidates with strong data analytics and AI skills. There have been other changes as well.

What employers seek versus what recent graduates anticipate from their new role

For many years, employers have sought candidates with similar backgrounds in finance, including:

  • technical finance skills
  • a “good fit” with the company culture
  • problem-solving abilities
  • strong communication skills
  • client-centric mindset
  • willingness to learn

But does your organization provide what the class of 2024 genuinely wants? The expectations of today are not the same as they were only five years ago. Working for companies that align with their values is a top priority for many recent graduates, possibly due to the transformative effect of COVID-19 on the workplace or broader societal changes. For job seekers in finance, stability is still important, but some other expectations and priorities may impact their choice of employer:

Preference for in-person communication

A lot of candidates desire to work in an office for a while.

Adaptability to moving

By doing this, you can consider candidates from a wider geographic area and increase the size of your talent pool.

Stressing the company’s values and reputation

A large number of today’s graduates opt to work for companies that share their values.

Transparency in salaries is important

Candidates are becoming less inclined to apply for jobs for which the salary is not explicitly stated in the job ad.

The right to disconnect

When it’s unclear where to draw the line between work and personal time, recent graduates might be reluctant to commit to a job. This growing concern is reflected in legislation, such as that which grants employees the right to disconnect in Ontario, Canada.

ESG reporting

According to Corporate Knights’ 2024 Global 100 ranking, employers with superior ESG scores are attracting more and more prospective hires.

Opportunities for career development in junior finance

Companies that put their workers’ growth and well-being first are more likely to attract new graduates and retain them over the long term. Possibilities could consist of:


Employee development is greatly aided by mentoring programs, which offer advice from experienced business professionals. This helps encourage a culture of learning and cooperation, which can improve loyalty and retention rates.


A company demonstrates its commitment to investing in the long-term success of its employees by providing professional certifications and other forms of education support. Both the employee and the business can gain from financial aid or flexible scheduling for additional education.


Giving workers a clear path to advancement provides them with a feeling of purpose and direction, which can make them happier, more stable, and more devoted to their jobs.


Everyone can benefit from giving your staff access to industry events and other networking opportunities. It’s an opportunity to network with possible employers and exchange fresh ideas.

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