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A song that you hear a lot these days. No surprise. The Pirbod is here. A popular and successful singer. We invited him to explain to us how to write a quality poem



Bezan delo be darya A song that you hear a lot these days. Now surprise. The Pirbod is here. A popular and successful singer. We invited him to explain to us how to write a quality poem.
  1. For each task, our goal is clear. However, when we do not know where we want to go, do we tend to confirm our path? Poetry writing is no exception to the current rule. Do we write poetry to free our minds? In protest of? Discovery? Describe the beauties? After that, we have adapted the whole mood of the verse form to our hypothetical purpose. Houshang Ebtehaj says: “I could not have any of those inventive and structural aspects for them and I found organization and construction.” And of these poetic techniques, it was the tool of my work to prepare to say. ”

2. Avoid stereotypes. That is, we tend to bring out repetitive and recent metaphors and similes, and our quest is to square new metaphors. The audience understands the power. His heart needs something to surprise him. Once the image is familiar, the reader becomes involved and his mind is not challenged. A way to write that our poetry contains mental meanings. Hussein Manzavi is one of the stereotyped poets of the United Nations. When connecting yogurt to the huge garden at the end of the night p When the Silver Apple Reaches the Moon The combination of silver moon apple can be a pristine and exquisite star. as the same way: Bella takes the garden to the atmosphere ———————————————— Do not say that mirrors are the size of a square run That I am still and you are constantly in the state of the pine tree

3. Let’s try to produce original images. I have even written about this.

4. Pay attention to objective and subjective words. (+) In order to talk to the audience and be more practical and ready to consider another correct image of them, we must once have a tendency to use mental words and in what scenario we should tend. To use objective words We say objective words that when we wash with them, I create an image in the minds of all people. Like a piano, mobile, girl, However, mental words may be a special structure for everyone. Such as glory, tarb, color. When we say I am happy that there should be a limit on my part and there should be a limit for you. However, we all almost equate to a cat that walks by the wall. I think mental words have a larger square to indicate. For example, instead of the verbal communication that I used to be happy with, I say that the sun of happiness shone in his eyes.

5. Do not ignore the appearance. Things like walking, sleeping, eating, and facilities, the author’s ability is to identify the everyday events that standard people endure with a recent glance. In the words of Ismail Amini: Poets must deal with world issues in a completely different way and raise them in the axioms. If they want to follow the same old themes, they have to understand that they are not completely different from others now, and they lag behind others and say that poets should be ahead and see something else and do artwork on it. . ”

6. Rewriting is not the last step. Our tyro starts when we write the initial draft. I have even written here everything you need to rewrite.

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