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Blogger to Author: The Journey of Brajesh Kumar Singh



Brajesh Kumar Singh

Brajesh Kumar Singh is a very famous face when we talk about Blogging. His continuous determination, focus, and courage really helped him to achieve what he is today. Although this saying seems so easy at first glance, following it and practicing in your every day is not easy at all. But Brajesh Kumar Singh, a tech and lifestyle blogger, and an emerging digital marketer have proved that with a focused mindset and hard work, anyone can achieve their long-term target.

The story of Brajesh Kumar Singh is not only inspiring to all the youths but also teach them how they should manage their time and life. He comes from a small village Chakrajali in Bihar, India. But he never misses out on taking the benefit of all the little opportunities in his life.

During his childhood days, he used to help his father in selling vegetables, or in the general store in the village. So, since his early days, he is always committed to supporting his family and learning new things. And his eagerness has garnered him to learn and possess several skills and professions.

As he doesn’t have a sound financial situation at home, he had to fund his college fees from his family and friends. And while studying at Anugrah Narayan College, Patna, he started exploring the digital marketing industry.

Brajesh Kumar Singh
Brajesh Kumar Singh

Soon he discovered his interest in this field and started blogging. And because of his continuous determination and focus, today, he is regarded as an emerging tech blogger. He is the owner of a several tech and lifestyle blogs, such as and For the past few years, Brajesh Kumar Singh has gained a huge fan following from the tech fraternity. He has also bagged several honors and accolades, such as Karmaveer chakra by iCONGO and UN at IIT Delhi.

Blogger to Author

The Book ‘Blogging-O-Pedia’ by Brajesh Kumar Singh is now the Top on Best Seller Education Category by Amazon. Not just that it is on the 1st rank from yesterday and created a massive buzz around the blogging-industry.

Brajesh Kumar Singh launched this book ‘Blogging-O-Pedia: A Quick Guide to Start Your Successful Career in Blogging’ on the demand from his friends. With this book, he plans to reach more audiences and explore the digital book publishing industry. Brajesh Kumar Singh is also very famous in Instagram.

So, if you are someone who wants to learn and earn through blogging, be sure to purchase his book as and when it launches on the platform. Brajesh Kumar Singh loves technology, travel, and photography. And anyone interested in this field can learn a lot from this emerging entrepreneur.

Matthew Gregor decided that he wanted to become a writer at the age of 16, when his high school football team won a big game. He wrote a poem about this, and two days later the poem was published in the local newspaper. When he began his professional writing career, Matthew attempted to write books. Matthew’s writing direction changed and he writes news and articles. He is now onboard with Time Bulletin as a free lance writer.

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