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Californian Musician Nassim Parize Winning Big In Iranian Music Industry



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Biography of Nassim Parize
Nassim was born on November 15, 1985 in California, USA. She lived in France as a child and teenager and holds a degree in graphic design and fashion from the University of Paris, France.

Familiarity with the game
In 2005, at the age of 15, Nassim starred with her twin sister, Nisa, in a French television program known as the Star Academy, which was played before she joined the band. And she did most of her music activities other than Persian. She became acquainted with the band Z Bazi through one of her friends, and this led her to perform a short summer song with them. After many years, she released her first single called “Bi To Khoshmegareh” in 2019, which was also broadcast on the prestigious site of Young Radio and was well received. And later in the same year, she performed this song on Me and You Network for Women’s Day.

Professional singing
Nassim has loved music since she was a child and always went to music classes with her twin sister and started singing professionally in 2004.

Purpose in music
Nassim is mostly focused on her fans and the growth of her music, but according to her, her songs are considered unparalleled in Iran, and the art did not reach the level that I like.

Playfulness and innovation
Zedbazi is more famous for this because he has innovated and the secret of success at that time was that we used this method. Nasim also says that he would like to continue singing solo and I think it is a good way to progress in it.

After the resumption of her artistic activity and the release of her first official album, various music companies signed music contracts with her, which was also effective in her artistic future. Also, Sepehr Khalseh will have joint performances. In addition, she has been invited to various ceremonies on satellite channels such as Man Veto and VOA, as well as the BBC Persian, and has also had beautiful performances.

Breeze and virtual networks
Unlike other artists, Nassim is not very active in this field and only has a personal Instagram page, and sometimes she posts news of her new works as well as photos and videos of her personal life, and she always likes to preserve her privacy and art.

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