Charizmia discusses her entrance to the music industry

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Charisma Paige was raised in poverty in Dothan, Alabama, and was always looking for a way out. Missy Elliot, according to Charizmia, is the artist she would most like to duet with if she ever had the chance. Growing up in Alabama isn’t always simple because there aren’t many well-known musicians from the state to engage with.

After enlisting in the military at the age of 18 and served for four years until she discovered herself and a place to call home in society. Charizmia had two children after leaving the service and chose to broaden her knowledge of several sectors. She started a delivery contract company and then decided to start a slew of other businesses to broaden her horizons.

Her music, she says, is a method for people to express themselves while also serving as a motivator. She wants people to realize that anything is possible and that aspirations are only realized if you work hard for them. She knows what it’s like to be responsible because she grew up with three younger siblings.

She continues to work on a variety of projects, and despite the lack of an official release date, an album will be released in the near future. You can follow her journey and rise to success on all social media platforms.