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Cancer Survivor Lisa Ray Uncovers She ‘Felt Ugly At 16, Is Comfortable In Skin’ Presently




Actress Lisa Ray, a cancer survivor, says she feels substantially more agreeable in her own skin than ever before as she discusses the genuine meaning of beauty subsequent to encountering life from an a lot more extensive spectrum. Conversing with reporters amid the launch of her book titled Close To The Bone on Monday, the 47-year-old actress stated, “…I am most comfortable in my skin now than ever before. Ironically, I think I am most attractive at 47 rather than when I was 16-years-old. Of course, I had a great body but I had so distorted view of my body that I felt so ugly and insecure all the time.”

Lisa Ray, born to a Bengali dad and Polish mother, became an overnight sensation as a model when she showed up on the Bombay Dyeing advertisement during the 1990s. Later in 2001, she made her debut in Bollywood as an actress with the film Kasoor.

“Coming from the beauty industry, where I was at the mercy of very stringent beauty standard and somewhere also feeling guilty of endorsing some of the unrealistic beauty standards, I have understood my responsibility. I feel very strongly about my experiences,” included Lisa Ray, who recently showed up in the web-series Four More Shots Please!

Opining that actors shouldn’t be judged for their makeup and appearance, she discussed her ongoing red carpet experience. “One of the matters I have spoken about is the appearance at the red carpet, which in present time, is considered as a big achievement, but no, it is not! There is so much criticism that is so deeply uncomfortable on how people are judged on their body, makeup, appearance,” she attested.

“So, I chose to appear on the red carpet even when I was 41-pound overweight because of the steroid use for my cancer treatment…That was a breaking moment for me to talk about something that is deeply personal,” said the actress, who will soon show up in AR Rahman’s film 99 Songs.

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