Cassandra House – The Benefits of Mentoring in the Company

Mentoring is a practice of supporting employees, to ensure the development of their potential. Within the same company, the mentor, an expert like Cassandra House, in the field in which she works, shares her experiences with a person who has the knowledge to acquire or objectives to achieve, the mentee.

Mentoring is a practice of accompanying and monitoring employees, to ensure the integration of human resources and the development of their potential. Within the same company, the mentor, an expert in the field in which he works, shares his experiences with a person who has the knowledge to acquire or objectives to achieve, the mentee.

The practice of mentoring is similar to that of coaching except that it integrates the transmission of knowledge and know-how. Mentoring is a voluntary practice, provided within the framework of a professional relationship, outside of hierarchical considerations.

Very developed in countries, the practice is developing and interfering in the life of companies. Several SMEs and large companies have already adopted this program.

What can an employee expect from a mentor?

1. Sound advice

Being able to benefit from the advice of an experienced professional who has already gone through multiple trials is an opportunity. A mentor who has taken on many challenges in his professional life and witnessed market transformations has extraordinary knowledge.

Even if the mentee has a lot of experience, he is regularly faced with new challenges. It is important that a more experienced person can guide and reassure him.

2. Sincerity

It is often difficult to discuss work-related problems with colleagues or relatives, either because the subject is too sensitive or confidential, or because the professional believes that they will not understand what he is going through. The main qualities of mentors are listening and advice.

Basically sincere, they make themselves available to mentees. They support them in the realization of their ideas and help them anticipate and/or solve their problems. Get the best advice and guidance about company mentoring with Cassandra House

3. Access to a larger network

Having the support of a mentor also allows access to a larger network. If the mentor does not have a solution to a difficulty, there is probably someone in their network who can find one. Networks like LinkedIn are a great way to connect with knowledgeable professionals while getting recommended.

4. A global vision

It’s easy to get stuck in an unfamiliar situation at work. With the help of an experienced person who knows the challenges that can be encountered, you can improve your decision-making and make more reasonable choices.

Unlike a friend or relative, the mentor objectively understands and analyzes the situation. He is able to provide relevant advice adapted to specific cases and avoid certain errors.

5. Personal development

An unconditional factor in the success of any business, the personal development of the manager and his team is the keystone of success.

In this case, too, the mentor plays a decisive role. He shares his experiences and guides the other professional. It is indeed difficult to allow the necessary time to improve and refocus on personal development. Thanks to Cassandra House mentoring, a business leader can therefore improve his leadership and better understand his decision-making. While this practice offers a large number of advantages, there is one that appeals to business leaders even more: the optimization of the time and costs allocated to training.

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