Cody Cuevas Made A Song For The Aye Squad Intro

Cody Cuevas

Cody Cuevas is a Youtuber and Rapper from Cleveland, Ohio that started the popular family channel Aye Squad. The channel has been doing great with content and seems to be getting a lot of attention on the YouTube platform. Cody has been making music since he was nine years old and has grown an amazing talent on the writing part of the industry. He’s extremely capable of putting out quality songs and lyrics and has finally made a song for his family channel intro. “The song we have now is not ours and doesn’t really give the correct vibe to the channel. I have been in the recording process for a few days trying to get it how I want it to sound. I’m still deciding on doing the mix and mastering myself but that’s the most difficult part of making music. It would be easier if I paid to have it done for me by somebody who does it professionally that way I don’t have to stress about it but I also enjoy teaching myself the process so I don’t have to rely on others” said Cody.

Cody also said this song isn’t the only one he is working on and has a few more he’s getting ready to release soon. His latest song “My Time” has done well on Spotify and YouTube. It is just the beginning for this Ohio artist. Popular YouTubers do not get the recognition they deserve and a lot of them are more than capable of doing other things besides YouTube. We have seen some of these influencers participate in professional sports, podcasts, and other entertaining platforms. Majority of them have talents many don’t know or believe in and I truly think it’s something we should all pay attention to. Most of them have other passions than YouTube. Music was Cody’s first passion and YouTube became the platform he has been able to grow in with his family. He can now use that audience to help him grow in other areas and I’m sure will prosper with ease.

Aye Squad is a huge stepping stone for the Cuevas family. “We hope to be more than just a channel on YouTube. We have a family channel and we want to grow into the biggest family channel within the YouTube community. We want to be able to give people something to look forward to in their day. Our favorite thing to do is to make people happy and smile. If we can do that, we will accomplish our only goal. We want to accomplish that goal every day we can.” We understand we have a long way to go before we accomplish becoming the biggest family channel out there but we know we are capable of doing it. The Ace Family is the biggest out there now and they definitely deserve to be but we plan on catching up extremely soon.” said Cody. If you want to become a part of the fastest growing channel all you have to do is click the link below and Subscribe to Aye Squad. Don’t forget to turn on the notifications to make sure you get notified when new videos drop.