The force behind the most impossible show in the world for a DJ: Aarav Srivastava


The force behind the most impossible show in the world for a DJ: Aarav Srivastava

Aarav Srivastava who was born on 6th December 1995 has been stellar in terms of crea9ng larger-than-life concepts and has been one of the biggest names when it comes to being a photographer who’s now creating a buzz in the digital space. With his creative vision, he has been able to be a great business coach for a lot of brands and products that were under his ver9cal. But this 9me it had to be different.

Aarav and his agency Social Noon( had been working on something that was literally impossible looking at the legal aspect to do a concept like it. He planned a concept for one of his artists,
DJ Aqeel to perform right in front of the iconic taj mahal. Though the concept sounds fancy, he was able to work on the same and did a live recorded show in front of the Taj Mahal for the first time in history.

The following concept was released on the birthday of DJ Aqeel with a crazy visual recorded set. The concept was highly praised by some of the biggest news portals like Indian Express, midday, INI, and more. On asking about how Aarav was able to manage a concept like this, he explains “We planned everything to be released by EID, but then looking at the situation we had to extend the release. But, it was difficult to manage all the things together like social media, PR, content planning, and management. It definitely was hard.” Concepts like these are really few in India and youngsters like Aarav is bringing new things to entertain the audience of the country.

Apart from that he is a keen creative guy who loves to create content and likes to tell the story through pictures. We checked out his Instagram Aarav Srivastavaa and Facebook Aarav srivastavaa where we found some stunning pictures from different parts of the world, or you can check out his beautiful website (