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Coming out on top with Xander Neff



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Xander Neff is very charismatic and smooth with his words. He’s always been a ladies man and had the ability to capture the attention of many with nothing other than his genuine smile and physique which he had worked on, for years. Though many obstacles have come his way, he still manages to come out as an elite athlete. Being able to show emotion, attitude, and confidence in front of the camera has given Xander many successes when it comes to his modeling career. His goal is to have a presence that captures the attention of many, all while giving him the ability to share his story and inspire those he comes into contact with. He wants them to be motivated to never give up and chase your dreams regardless of what others may say as it’s “your dream and not theirs.”

Xander has been through more hardships in just 26 years of life than the majority of the population will their whole lives. He’s faced many obstacles and conquered them all. From being paralyzed and rolling through the high school halls in a wheelchair, to running two miles in 13 minutes in the military all while recovering from numerous knee surgeries and pending hip surgery. Even with all of these curveballs thrown his way, he’s always managed to have the most optimistic, positive energy. He’s wanting nothing more than to help others achieve their wildest dreams and work through whatever mental and/or physical obstacle is put in their way with a better and stronger version of themselves coming out on the other side.

The first step of starting a business is always the hardest, and Xander Neff knows this first hand. “In football, it’s not having the quickest 40-yard dash that makes you the best player. The best player is the man that within the first three steps, is already a mile ahead of his opponent with a vision of drive and determination that will get him to the end zone. If you can conquer the first three steps to creating a business with a strong foundation you’ll succeed more than the man or woman who goes into it blind. Having a constructed vision, a plan that involves problem-solving, and the ability to execute will jumpstart you through any challenges ahead.” He shares.

Xander strongly believes the only way to succeed is to have a positive mindset. Not accepting anything as a failure but as just another opportunity to learn and grow. Everything happens for a reason.  When starting a business Xander’s biggest piece of advice is to be open-minded and research others’ failures in the same industry. Do so by ensuring that the market in which you are planning on investing your business idea into is profitable and brings more successful outcomes than possible hardships. Xander pushes through tough times by remembering why he started. Focusing on his goals and ambitions along different timelines. Xander also believes in self-care and taking measures to prevent stress in his life by taking time to decompress, step out of the environment, clear his head and get back to work with a clear head. This gives him the ability to successfully problem-solve through the hard times.

Before starting any business, Xander always asks himself one question. The question is a quote from one of his favorite movies, The Girl Next Door. “Is the Juice worth the squeeze?” Before starting any business, Xander suggests that you should consider the challenges ahead before they occur. The money needed to be invested and not to mention the time it will take to become successful, rise to the top and profit enough at the end to have it be worth the investment and struggles.

Xander is full of great advice, and we will continue to cheer him onto victory. To keep up with him and his journey, follow him on Instagram

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