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Day of Songun 2020: History and Significance of the North Korean day



Day of Songun

Day of Songun (Korean: 선군절) is a national public holiday in North Korea celebrated on August 25 every year to remember the start of Kim Jong-il’s Songun (military-first) leadership in 1960.

Day of Songun: History and Significance

It was founded in 2013 to honor the nation’s “military first” policy that organizes the Korea People’s Army in the allocation of resources and state affairs.

The Songun time started on August 25, 1960, when Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il visited the Seoul 105th Guards Armored Division HQ in Pyongyang. From that point onward, Kim Jong-il frequently visited different armed forces installation the nation over.

Be that as it may, Songun was announced an official government policy simply after Kim Il-sung’s passing in 1994. Kim Jong-il acquainted the Songun policy with a win the help of the military, hold authority over the administration, and merge power after his dad’s demise. Songun in actuality supplanted Juche as the central state ideology.

Songun awards the Korean People’s Army the essential situation in the administration and society of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, controlling both domestic policy and foreign relations. The military is situated as the model for Korean society to imitate.

On 25 August 2013, Kim Jong-un formally declared the Day of Songun in a long speech. It is set apart with official speeches, solemn ceremonies, shows, and different events that emphasize the military accomplishments of North Korea.

The next day, 26 August, an announcement on establishing the Day of Songun as an annual national holiday was adopted by the Supreme People’s Assembly.

The Day of Songun is marked with flying the flag of North Korea, by civilians, and the flag of the Supreme Commander of the KPA by military units. Observances incorporate galas for service individuals, dancing parties around the nation, outdoor shows, laying bouquets, and visiting historic sites.

On the calendar, the 25 August holiday happens after the Liberation Day (15 August) and before the Day of the Foundation of the Republic (인민정권_창건일) (9 September). Day of Songun is one of three days observing Kim Jong-il on the calendar, the other two being the Day of the Shining Star (his birth anniversary) and Generalissimo Day (recognizing his increase to the position of Taewonsu).

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