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Derek From More Plates More Dates Has A Unique YouTube Channel In The Self-Improvement Space



Derek From More Plates More Dates Has A Unique YouTube Channel In The Self Improvement Space

YouTube is a diverse platform and one of the most consumed forms of media currently.

Derek, better known as More Plates More Dates, brings an interesting twist to self-improvement content on the platform by providing unique perspectives on health, longevity research, performance, and overall quality of life.

With over 300 thousand YouTube subscribers and a large following on his blog, Derek has managed to help men improve their health, vitality, physique, and confidence. Notably, he has also made it a mission to help men approach enhanced bodybuilding in a healthier and more sustainable way. He often digs into clinical literature and anecdotal case reports that exemplify how a safer approach can be taken towards pharmacology and general bodybuilding practices. For example, he often iterates how important diagnostic imaging is for catching abnormalities in organ function and morphology, rather than just relying solely on blood work, which most bodybuilders neglect entirely.

He also provides interesting insight on self-development and emotional health as he details the steps he recommends young men take to traverse the dating economy, entrepreneurship, and wealth accumulation in the western world.

While his channel name suggests his content is only about a couple of things, his content is quite diverse. He often posts unique and cutting-edge research about hair loss prevention, hormone replacement therapy, and other fascinating topics that center around his passion for endocrinology and biology.

He has a very strong following with highly educated individuals who follow his content closely. He himself has stated that some of his best candidates for his job postings have come from his subscriber base.

Derek is the owner of “Gorilla Mind”, a dietary supplements company that was launched on the back of his previous years of experience as a product formulator for other companies.

He also owns “Marek Health”, a hormone replacement therapy clinic focused on providing concierge-level telemedicine services.

Derek’s YouTube channel More Plates More Dates has amassed over 70 million views to date via his unique variety of men’s self-improvement related content. His content not only touches on commonly discussed lifestyle-related topics, but also puts a magnifying glass on very obscure topics like pharmacology, hormone optimization, and biohacking and appears to be striking a chord with his viewers.


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