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Developing Elite Coaches: Jackson Yew Explains How He Motivates Speakers to Become Industry Gurus



Developing Elite Coaches Jackson Yew Explains How He Motivates Speakers to Become Industry Gurus

Bouncing back is the best way to lead your life. Succumbing to hardships isn’t. Jackson Yew knows this more than anyone else. He is the co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, a company that trains business coaches, builds attractive landing pages, and offers business consultation. It now makes a consistent 6-figure revenue every month. Although this makes it seem like Jackson has had it leisurely all along, he had to work hard for years to get to this position.

Jackson’s early career

Jackson started as a sales engineer when he was just 24. He was working for a palm oil machine company in Malaysia. His job was to count cash and check machines every day. Although he wasn’t satisfied with his career, he acquired various sales skills while working for this company. He left the job after two years and started a ship salvaging company.

He and his partner made good money within the first six months. It was a niche market, and their company overgrew through referrals. But things slowed down after their first year. Moreover, he began to have differences in opinion with his partner, leading to tremendous mismanagement in internal affairs that affected its finances. They eventually had to shut down the ship salvaging company.

Resurging from failure

Jackson isn’t one to back down when life throws challenges. He became bankrupt after his company shut down. He didn’t even have money to pay rent or eat food. He came back home to his parents and started providing web solutions and create landing pages for international clients.

Even his brother, Reeve Yew, was going through a rough patch. They both saved enough money to start their digital marketing agency called Funnel Duo Media. Apart from designing websites, Jackson also began training students on how to acquire high-income online skills. His job is to take intermediate speakers and transform them into industry gurus and elite coaches who can impact other people’s lives.

Unique coaching technique

Jackson believes that most gurus focus on various strategies to change the mindset of people. They don’t talk about the technical aspect of how to achieve or how to execute those strategies. This is where Jackson’s coaching technique edges ahead of others. He focuses on technical implementation because he believes that’s what changes your attitude toward life.

In one of his interviews, Jackson said, “There is a difference between teaching and doing. Our experience in various industries and the nature of our business allowed us to master both skills. This helps us teach students accordingly. We understand what technique to use to ensure that students make the most of the knowledge that we impart. I think merely telling them about a topic isn’t helpful. It’s only when you show them the way and lead them through that path that students understand concepts clearly.”

Funnel Duo Media is now a successful marketing agency despite launching only in 2018, thanks to Jackson’s never-quit attitude. He now spends most of his time training students and helping them develop the necessary skills to turn into elite coaches in their respective fields.

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