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D’identicals Release Uplifting & Love-driven Afropop/R&B Single ‘Loni Repete’



D’identicals Release Uplifting & Love-driven Afropop/R&B Single ‘Loni Repete’

D’identicals return to deliver their latest Afropop/R&B single ‘Loni Repete’. The single features a unique dancehall production, story-telling lyricism, and an anthemic vocal performance by D’identicals. ‘Loni Repete’ radiates a story-telling, inspirational vibe focusing on the importance of keeping materialistic items out of a relationship. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to impact the listener as it contains a unique style and message that gives the overall song an identity. The powerful production, the lyrical message, and the overall vibe of the single will take the listener into a musical journey. The single has the ability to resonate with any Afro/pop/dancehall aficionado as it has every element to be catchy, memorable, and impactful.

About D’identicals

D’identicals are an Afrobeat, hip-hop, reggae group hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. Now based in the United States, the identical born twins seek to create music that will leave an impact with people worldwide. Finding their talent at a young age, D’identicals got signed in Nigeria before emigrating to the United States. Their sound and style is versatile and will bring positive emotions out of anyone. Their feel-good lyricism aims to go a level deeper and connect with the ones listening. Aiming for the stars, D’identicals are a musical act to keep an eye on and ear out for as they are set to cement their sound in the music scene. ____________________________________________________

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