Digital Media: The Future of Journalism – Pradeep Gunasekaran

Pradeep Gunasekaran is the Co-Founder of Kathir News portal which presents news form factual basis. He says, “Journalism is no longer the same after the arrival of smartphones and widespread availability of the internet. Smartphones and the internet have empowered the layman to take some incident that happened in a remote village to the international media. While the mainstream media as it is has become more of a den of corporate houses and the job of disseminating news is driven by the revenue it generates, the layman is free from such shackles to report incidents as they are. But it doesn’t stop at that as it also enables him to analyse, criticise and dissect the ‘news’ reported by media honchos”

“Many voices fail to reach the media glare perhaps due to their less controversial nature which is the main criteria driving TRP hungry media houses. Such voices and their issues can find a platform through digital media in the form of a tweet, a facebook post or a YouTube video. Digital media trudges on the traditional form of disseminating news in the way that it reports issues in record time and the number of people it can reach in a short span of time. But the same becomes a disadvantage when information falls in the wrong hands and comes to haunt in the form of fake news. However with digital media fact-checking also becomes instantaneous and such fake news can be countered in minutes as well. Whichever way it goes, whatever form it takes, digital media looks like to be the future of journalism” he adds

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