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DJ Greg S Making Waves In The American Clubbing And Partying Space With His Talent



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The enjoyment at a club or a party goes down the drain if the DJ at the event is not energetic. More often than not, the music mix played by the DJ at any party decides the tone and vibes of that party. Thus, it is extremely crucial for organizers to invite a DJ who is experienced and passionate about doing the job.

DJ Greg S is soon becoming one of America’s most loved and sought after DJs, all thanks to his phenomenal musical skills that ignite a solid vibe amongst the crowd at any party. Greg Somlok is well-versed with the DJ mix and creates other-wordly audio blends and music transitions.

He started his journey in the industry after the demise of his father. Being lonely and wanting to distract his mind, Greg S started taking lessons from DJs who he used to hire for lounge parties. He respected the art of these DJs and wanted to become one of them.

Today, DJ Greg S has worked with top musical personalities of America including an event with Snoop Dog where was the co-DJ with him. DJ Greg S calls it the best moment of his life.

“I have a lot of great stories and memories from my business and it’s tough to decide which one is my favorite. But one memory that sticks out is getting a phone call on a Sunday morning, saying that I’m performing with Snoop Dog tonight at Up & Down. It was a wow moment being able to perform with my favorite childhood rapper.”

Greg Somlok plans to raise the bar higher by experimenting with new styles of music in his upcoming events. All the details about his events are shared by him on his Instagram account.

To have a feel of DJ Greg’s performance, you can watch him on his YouTube channel ‘Greg S’. In the video, he is seen showcasing his DJ skills as he plays music that strikes a chord with the audience and sets a sizzling tone to the party.

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