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Do Fernando Aristeguieta want to say goodbye to América de Cali?



Do Fernando Aristeguieta want to say goodbye to América de Cali?

The most imperative card of América de Cali this season, other than crafted by Fernando ‘Pecoso’ Castro, is the Venezuelan striker Fernando Aristeguieta , who nowadays is concentrated with the Venezuelan National Team.

In a discussion with Los Dueños of the Antena 2 Cali Ball, Tulio Gómez, America’s top shareholder, was counseled about conceivable ideas in the ‘Scarlet’ box for Fernando Aristeguieta, to which he answered: “They have called to ask for several players , I want to keep this group because it’s deadly not having continuity, but you also have to sell players.”

Additionally, the pioneer of the red squad of Valle del Cauca reported how the striker of the Venezuelan National Team landed at the ‘mechita’ and expressed gratitude toward Rafael Dudamel for that.

“We talked to Dudamel because we see that Venezuela is getting a good group of players; He always comes to watch the games of America. He told us about (Rubert) Quijada and Aristeguieta. Quijada told us that he was recovering from an injury and that he would not be able to comply,” the shareholder commented.

“Aristeguieta is a very professional man , what happens is that at first I did not put her, I did not have marksmanship. I’m glad that things are already happening. Before we asked other players and they fell, like the Paraguayan Monges,” he included.

Right now, Fernando Aristeguieta keeps on being the striker of the Águila League with nine scores , nearly in a similar number of diversions played, since he has played ten.

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