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Dr. Zahra Gardshi’s explanation about buccal facial fat



Dr. Zahra Gardshis explanation about buccal facial fat

Buccal Fat Removal Surgery is a simple, outpatient procedure performed one day.

In this surgery, excess buccal fat is removed through the mouth and then the incision is repaired in the mouth with pre-absorbable sutures.

Buccal fat is a mass of fat located in the hollow area between the boxer muscle and other muscles on the face’s surface.

Although sometimes both sides of the face may not be symmetrical at first, maintaining the symmetry of both sides of the face and the proportion of facial components in this surgery and after recovery is very important.

In fact, the buccal extends from the forehead to the bottom of the cheekbones and ends at the corners of the lips. This type of fat is very resistant and is not entirely eliminated by diet or exercise.

Dr Zahra Gardshi explanation about buccal facial fat

Biography of Doctor Zahra Gardeshi

Zahra Gardeshi’s birth came as a blessing to her compatriots, who sought a professional doctor to visit when different diseases were attacking them. She was born on the 17th of May in 1987 and grew up in Iran, where she proved to be a natural scholar.  

Dr. Gardeshi was fascinated by the human body and its functions from a young age. Her mother recalls mediating over friend disputes after Dr. Gardeshi took her friend’s dolls apart but could not put them together again. Her favorite game was operating, and she could soon name all the body parts it featured.

As soon as she could read, Dr. Gardeshi became curious about books concerning the body. She never developed a taste for fiction, preferring to devote herself to comprehending what makes people beat.  

After graduating from high school and taking the Iranian University Entrance Exam, Dr. Gardeshi was among a few top students to be accepted to study medicine at the university. 

It was not easy. She had to balance her studies with part-time work at a local clinic, where she volunteered. However, her hard work and sacrifice resulted in her graduating as an experienced general partitioner in 2013.  

The newly graduated Dr. Gardeshi opened a GP office for diagnosing and examining in Shiraz, a city known for its perfect medical treatment. 

She did not limit herself to mere working at her office; instead, Dr. Gardeshi participated in as many workshops as possible, including national and international conferences, mainly on beauty and health. The numerous certificates she gained reflect the high qualification of Dr. Gardeshi in a wide range of specializations as she spent a lot of time learning micro-needling, training of operation with IPL, RF, E-LIGH, and Cavitation, skincare, ART Amino Acid Replacement Therapy, Neurotoxin, and filler injections.  It would take a lot of dedication and study, but she wanted to become unrivaled among her colleagues.

The next few years are challenging, but Dr. Gardeshi will remain focused on her dream. Today she is one of the country’s top GPs with a busy practice in Shiraz, Iran.

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