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DRIVE CRYPTO is built around an essential daily activity for most people: getting from one place to another via a vehicle. This is the first project to effectively bring to life a concept of mobility and functional gain.

The users can fit themselves with Cars’ NFTS – electric cars and Batteries’ NFTS – electric power that calculate each distance driven whether km or mile. By this calculation, users will get theirs rewards in Drive Points (internal token) – which can be used in game or transferred to their wallets. Each Car NTF is unique and rare as they are one edition only and there won’t be two of a kind.

In this way, we expect a great price appreciation on Cars NFTs. Cars NFT can be used not only on Drive2Earn Application but also on Racing GameFi mode, competing with other users and players – in ‘Need For Speed’ way. Best three racers will get rewards on $DriveCrypto. All the Cars’ NFTs owners will be able to sell them on the first exclusive and car’s only marketplace – NFT-Drive Store.

Drive Crypto also is willing to be a contributor on needed infrastructure to meet the electric cars energy demand – in this way, part of the project profits will be used on the charging stations installs – in order to diminish climate changes impacts as well as Carbon Credits generation. DRIVE CRYPTO goes beyond and above a GameFi/SocialFi project – we are here to change environmental mindset through a long term web3 ecosystem.

We live in a world which mobility is a key figure: no matter what – we are commuters. So, the first idea came to give people – the power of get rewarded on their daily basis driving activities. Second point – as important as the first one – we would like to propose a mindset change – regarding environmental responsibility – bringing to people’s attention the importance of renewable and clean energy – electric cars. Finally, we studied the crypto market, the trends and near future, as well as the long-term challenges regarding tokens, crypto assets and continuity. In this way, we gathered some market information to give us direction.


 There are more than 3 million Uber drivers in world. More than 8 million deliveries cars – as UPS, FedEx, DHL – worldwide. The average driven distance per year is 14,263 miles per car.

Environmental Issues:

Global light duty electric vehicle sales reached a record high of 6.3 million units in 2021, up 102% year on year, with this number expected to rise to 26.8 million units in 2030 (S&P Global report).

Heavy Duty Electric Truck market will represent 9,2% of total truck market as per in 2030. By 2030, the industry expects that 52% of the total new cars sales will be all-electric.

Crypto Market & Trends:

Usability is the key word – 32% of the investors expects that tokens have a real-life usability in next 3 years. Metaverse will provide a whole new user experience as well as business opportunities for brands and products reach different targets.

 NFTs are the entry point of new investors in crypto market – as they are suitable for marketing trends, influencers and branding. And based on all the information and team expertise, Drive Crypto has been created – the only project that gather Mobility, Metaverse, GameFi, NFTs and Environmental Responsibility in crypto market.

Energy Box:

Earning each Energy Box has its own Return on Investment Rate (ROI), based on categories. Each category has a distance (km or miles) autonomy meaning a total limit of km or miles driven. Important to remember that all ROI is DrivePoint rewarded. The most powerful the Energy Box (higher categories) the most is the reward per distance.






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