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DuckDuckGo presents a first look at its desktop web browser for Mac and PC



DuckDuckGo presents a first look at its desktop web browser for Mac and PC

DuckDuckGo is working on a standalone desktop browser with “robust privacy protection” that will be accessible for the Mac and PC platforms. DuckDuckGo has offered an early look at its forthcoming desktop app. In a blog post that recaps the organization’s year, CEO Gabriel Weinberg looked toward the future also.

The organization, which makes a privacy-respective search engine and mobile browser, declared the desktop expansion in a blog post-Tuesday. DuckDuckGo said the browser will be faster, cleaner, and more private than Google Chrome.

As indicated by DuckDuckGo, the browser will “redefine user expectations of everyday online privacy.” It will discard individual privacy settings for a methodology that enables privacy protections by default across search, email, and general browsing.

CEO Gabriel Weinberg said DuckDuckGo will bring the privacy protections the organization is known for to the app. You can expect the speed and simplicity of its mobile app as well.

“Robust privacy protection” will be enabled by default for search, browsing, email, and more. Weinberg said the app isn’t a “privacy browser” fundamentally, but instead “an everyday browsing app that respects your privacy.”

As it did on mobile, DuckDuckGo is building the app using OS-provided rendering engines as opposed to putting together it concerning projects like Chromium. As indicated by Weinberg, that helped the development team to “strip away a lot of the unnecessary cruft and clutter that’s accumulated over the years in major browsers.”

Alongside a streamlined interface and the Fire Button (which shuts all tabs and wipes browsing information in a single tap), the DuckDuckGo desktop is cleaner and substantially more private than Chrome, Weinberg said. He additionally guaranteed it’s “significantly faster” than Google’s browser, in light of early tests — hopefully, it’s less of a memory hog than Chrome as well. DuckDuckGo didn’t uncover when it intends to release the desktop app.

Weinberg takes note of that, over the last year, DuckDuckGo has reinforced its search and tracker blocking features. He said DuckDuckGo’s mobile app is currently the most downloaded Android browser in key markets. In July, the organization reported a free email forwarding service that eliminates tracking pixels from messages.

“It’s not a ‘privacy browser’; it’s an everyday browsing app that respects your privacy because there’s never a bad time to stop companies from spying on your search and browsing history,” the company wrote.

Rather than being founded on Chromium or another third-party codebase, the privacy organization says it is building the desktop version of its browser on an OS-provided rendering engine. That is the way its iOS browser was made, for example.

The DuckDuckGo blog post likewise subtleties some of the privacy changes the organization made in 2021, including the beta release of an email protection app, upgrades to its DuckDuckGo search engine, and the expansion of a “burn” button for its mobile browser.

It’s not clear when the desktop DuckDuckGo browser will launch.

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