Durgesh Dhaker- Creating successful political campaigns through Digital Media

Politics plays an important role in our lives. The national politics and political parties make an impact on various spheres of social and personal lives. Many decisions affect our personal, professional and social aspects. Initially, political news was only restricted to newspapers, news channels but now with social media getting the main stage, these channels of mass media have taken the last rows. Political campaigns on social media are more effective than any other campaign. If you are wondering why is it so? The answer is simple: we all feel more close to social media as compared to any other source. We have freedom to respond and express ourselves.

So, we should not never ignore the importance of social media and similar is the thoughts of digital entrepreneur Durgesh Dhaker. He is one of those who have in real understand the importance and worked exceptionally well to create successful political campaigns for well-known political leaders. With his hard work and expertise he has deeply understood what the important content is and how it should be presented to the public.

Durgesh Dhakad, from Chittorgarh,Rajasthan is one such entrepreneur, who used his professional skills and creative eye to launch many social media campaigns. Putting up online campaigns is not an easy job. It may go wrong and any step. One should have strong far-sightedness and as well as an insight about the audience behaviour. Dhaker has both. He knows his subjects well. Currently, has been assisting many well-known personalities with his skills and helped them to create an impact on society. Coming from a small town, he has already experienced many ups and downs in his life. But his positive nature and hardworking attitude carved a path for his success. After completing his studies, he took-up an initiative to set-up his own venture. He is a very humble person and owes all his success to his parents. With his hard work, the 26 year old is an ideal for youngsters. He has worked with known personalities from all the fields including politics, sports and entertainment sector.

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