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Dylan Suitor share the secret to becoming the best in your field



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There is a lot of talk about the 1% echelon in societies across the globe. In some cases, the conversation takes a turn toward the richest and their contributions to society. In other cases, it’s about the excellence it takes to get to the very top—the high performance, motivation, and skill set that people need to get to the very apex of their industry.

It’s this latter conversation where Dylan Suitor comes up when it comes to real estate businesses in Canada. As a young realtor, CEO of companies, and investor, Dylan is also the mastermind behind a real estate team that’s in the top 0.1% in their industry in Canada. This makes him uniquely qualified to speak about achieving such a coveted status. Here are his tips on getting to the very top.

Having a Great Management Style

Truth be told, Dylan gets rather laconic when asked to speak about his management style. A simple “empowerment” is his answer. However, that simple word packs a punch that most people who have worked under managers will feel deeply—especially if those managers weren’t too interested in empowerment.

There are two types of leaders: those who lead by helping others who are under them thrive, and those who don’t. The managers and leaders who don’t pay attention to their charges’ benefits and progress put the development of the whole team at risk, even if they’re not doing it for any bad reasons. Empowering people who work under them is a hallmark of a manager who is interested in building something greater than themselves or any particular part of the team.

Creating a Great Team of People

There’s nothing like a power team to provide some backup when it’s needed the most. Dylan Suitor’s team helped him sail through some treacherous business waters, instilling in him the belief that having a power team in place is one of the most critical business insights he can offer.

Creating a great team of people goes hand in hand with the previous advice. Power teams are made by choosing great candidates and then helping them go as high and far as they can go.

Knowing How to Get Into the Right Team

Finally, some advice for the people who are not yet in the management position but might still be interested in finding a place on a top-notch, high-performing team. The advice is deceptively simple; just be whatever the team requires people to be so that they’re hired.

Dylan, for example, looks for people who want to grow, are willing to learn, and are coachable. These aren’t all of the traits a potential hire should have, but they’re a good start. Anyone looking to get into a 0.1% team should make sure they know the traits that will get them in and work on displaying them.

What ultimately makes anyone a member of the top 0.1% in any industry is the benchmark-setting performance; there’s no way around it. For Dylan Suitor, top performance is something that happens when people on every level are qualified for their job and feel that they’re supported. That’s a great foundation to build on.

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