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Tech another artificial intelligence controversy



Ecobonus will change the world through the use of Blockchain Technology

The ai controversy, will ai steal our jobs?

The thought was that In society, where it is already hard enough to obtain a job, the creation of AI will take away jobs from countless people there is one domain where ai will actually create new jobs, that is recycling , where ai will do by increasing the scrap recycling percent.

But recycling and rewarding people with small payments is almost absolete. Here comes the ecobonus app which uses ai and blockchain will study the personal behavior from the carbon footprint perspective, taking in account different parameters Like habits, food, travel, etc
Thus will reach a conclusion regarding the personal carbon footprint and will come up with options to decrease it.

Furthermore, ecobonus app will give solutions to reach the closest recycling point where with the coins received from recycling will compensate the carbon credits.

The rest of the coins will be used as classic payments and shopping.

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