‘Elite Rentals Dubai’ – The most trusted brand in the car rental industry by Kristan De Graf.

When one thinks about renting out cars in Dubai, one name that pops up in the forefront is that of ‘Elite Rentals Dubai’.

Kristan De Graf has come up a long way through his constant hard work and focussed mind in bringing his business to the top. Today in spite of coming from a different country, he has made a mark and created a big brand in Dubai. We come across many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to touch the skies and reach epitome of success, but somewhere in their journey, they seem to lose focus and end up going southwards, resulting in downing their shutters. Very few have that grit and determination to reach their destination fighting all odds and setbacks, Kristan De Graf is one of them. He has established his business on a grand scale making it one of the best in the country.

‘Elite Rentals Dubai’ and ‘Elite Yatchs Dubai’ are names to reckon with which have become all the more popular with time. Brainchild of 26 year old Kristan, who hails from Amsterdam, having a half Dutch and half Thai lineage, the business has made it big within a short span of time. The young mind always had a penchant for big things in life, money being his foremost interest. Since a young age, he was much into betting of games which made him richer by a few million dollars in a short time. He always wanted to be a top entrepreneur and thus headed towards UAE to try his luck. After a lot of initial groundwork, he zeroed on the car and yatch rental business and started working towards building that up. In no time his rental company was set to hit the market, and the rest as we all know, is history.

Elite Rentals Dubai’ and ‘Elite Yatchs Dubai’ offer the best quality transportation, and it’s customers would vouch for their exceptional fleet and customer service. With more than 60 supercars and 30 luxury yatchs, the venture is driving and sailing it’s way to super success.

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