ELIVATE: A new single out by YOUNG S.H.O Ft HEAD KRACK this is a new single that’s crazy

I think that most people who come out of Johnston [SOUTH CAROLINA] just want to make the most out of life and live good. For artist YOUNG S.H.O he wants to change lives and build for a better day and go diamond (!says YOUNG S.H.O)

Born Shannon D Collins, the 28-year-old rapper now known as YOUNG S.H.O or sometimes SHO-grew up a kid lost and alone just a-ok student in a neighborhood called Johnston AKA J-TOWN, which was among the smallest areas in the CSRA. Young S.h.o, soon to be the south’s next big thing, began his career as a near-novelty act, parlaying his love of the late-’80s and early-’90s hip-hop and R&B-A career as a Teen gangsta rapper making music with the local hip-hop label Murda MOB as one of the lead artists.

The other guys were Calico, Eric, and VAMP .) when he was 15-the same age he won the state in track, He soon joined another Group, COUNTRY BOYS which featured AK JAKES, a local rapper who was already making a name for himself as a solo artist-and enjoyed his first taste of POPULARITY at Denmark Technical College by that time SHO was 17, now he has his Own label SPL ENT ( strength power loyalty) He would go on to get a distribution deal with the lead distribution company EMPIRE. Releasing singles like BACHATA WIT DA CHOPPA, MORE THEN YOU HAD, TAKE IT EASY, and many more. With features, MPA BAND-CAMPS own PEEWEE LONGWAY and TSF’s SAUCE WALKA. He would attack the industry head-on. Sho is dedicated and ready to grow he has a mixtape out with DJ RELL and has an album out called STRENGTH POWER LOYALTY, Mixtape( IMMORTAL). For more info on young s.h.o go to google and also stream music on all major platforms.

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