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YouTube Made the World’s First ‘Infinite’ Fan-Cover Music Video Mashup of ‘Bad Guy’ in honor of Billie Eilish



YouTube Made the Worlds First Infinite Fan Cover Music Video Mashup of Bad Guy to honor Billie Eilish

YouTube and Google Creative Labs have a new experiment – the world’s first “infinite” video. Billie Eilish sings in her super-famous pop song, Bad Guy. Music platform YouTube is permitting fans of Grammy-winning musician Billie Eilish to remix her much-loved song ‘Bad Guy’ using scores of cover versions of the song in a virtually infinite number of changes.

The video platform had on Monday debuted ‘Infinite Bad Guy’ on the platform. As per YouTube, the experience with no ads has been begun to observe Eilish’s music as the song crested one billion views earlier this month. It happens to be the first music video by Eilish to hit the achievement.

The ‘Infinite Bad Guy’ has used machine learning technology to unite more than 15,000 ‘Bad Guy’ covers, dances, lip-syncs, and more from over the globe in various languages in styles.

Inferable from the popularity of ‘Bad Guy,’ a huge number of individuals have gone to the exertion of making covers of the song and uploading them to YouTube.

On the occasion of the music video passing 1 billion views, YouTube and Google Creative Lab have transformed those covers into an interactive AI experiment, called “Infinite Bad Guy,” which YouTube depicted as “the world’s first infinite music video.”

The music video gathers pretty much each and every cover and mixes them, using machine learning to adjust every one within quarter-beats of the original.

Also, we truly mean each and every cover – from ballet, to jazz, saxophone to the sitar, choir to sign language, and all that else that is strange on the Internet: ASMR, meowing cat, plastic toy chicken… what’s more, truly, everything else. Indeed, even those TikTok videos are made to reproduce the song using ordinary household sounds.

The website hosting the infinite video, isn’t the most consistent experience, yet. It actually has glitches and a moderate loading screen, and a lag between videos.

Opening the website pulls up the original “Bad Guy” music video with cover videos on one or the other side, set against a background of numerous miniature video thumbnails.

At the point when you click at the bottom bar to change starting with one video then onto the next, the second gets on a similar beat the first left off on. Pausing the video shows the insights about the number of covers you’ve viewed and how frequently you’ve played through a full loop of the song.

The music platform has worked with Google Creative Lab for creating as well as launching ‘Infinite Bad Guy’.

As per Billboard, Jay Chen who is the Google Creative Lab maker said in a statement, “As a team that loves working with really cutting edge technology ideas, being able to apply these ideas at the scale of YouTube, and get to work with such a rich and creative group of content is really unique. This project is a loving monument to YouTube fan culture, in all its diverse and wonderful glory. With billions of combinations, every viewing is unique and we can’t wait for you to play it.”

In 2016, the video giant hosted Billie Eilish at YouTube Space LA and helped her make one of her first videos.


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