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Emerging Author Captivates Readers Through Riveting Fantasy Worlds



Emerging Author Captivates Readers Through Riveting Fantasy Worlds

A lifelong passion for imagination and adventure drives budding author Christina Abu-Khalaf to craft enthralling fiction for eager readers. After relocating with her family from her native California to the vistas of Colorado in 2021, Abu-Khalaf tapped into her boundless creativity to pursue writing stories full of romance and supernatural thrills. By channeling her devotion to paranormal phenomena and mythical beasts into vivid narratives, Abu-Khalaf transports audiences into exhilarating new realms with every turn of the page.

Otherworldly Inspiration Takes Flight

Christina Abu-Khalaf’s inventive debut novel, Hybrid Awakening, throws open the doors to a dangerous and desirable universe beyond human senses. Readers meet Nova, an alluring hybrid angel and demon adopted by a family of cryptid hunters who keep mythical creatures at bay. When paranormal entities suddenly start viciously hunting Nova herself, a seductive soldier of hell named Elias strides out to serve as her personal protector within the chaos. Thrust together by fate, Nova and Elias begin exploring why she has become an otherworldly target while battling against legendary foes from folklore. As action and attraction flare between the duo, they find themselves helplessly falling into forbidden love. 

The genesis for Hybrid Awakening arose during a conversation with Abu-Khalaf’s husband, who suggested she utilize her enthusiasm for the paranormal to write a story centering on cryptids. Though initially hesitant to pursue such an odd idea, Abu-Khalaf soon became impassioned with the challenge of devising an elaborate plot fusing together her many ardent interests: the occult, steamy romance and adventure. Through meticulous world-building and characterization, Abu-Khalaf makes the extraordinary characters and relationships at the story’s core believable and irresistibly consuming.

Praise from fans affirms Abu-Khalaf’s skill at bringing her imaginary world to life on the page. As one reviewer raved,

“The author did such a good job distinguishing each of the characters and their roles. The characters are very well developed and likable.”

The simmering connection between Nova and Elias has also entranced readers.

Persevering Through Hardships

Abu-Khalaf weathered difficulties in cultivating Hybrid Awakening over the two years spent writing. A painful family death forced her to set aside the manuscript for months midway through the arduous drafting process. Displaying remarkable dedication, Abu-Khalaf resolutely returned to the storyline once the initial grief passed.

Beyond Otherworldly Escapism

While paranormal fantasy represents Abu-Khalaf’s first published genre, she also explores steamy contemporary romance in her next book, Fresh. The story follows 22-year-old Saylor as she falls into a passionate but extremely taboo love affair with her best friend’s much older father, Wade. Abu-Khalaf intricately constructs the compulsively readable drama with a dual narrative perspective, capturing both Saylor and Wade’s personal outlooks as their electric connection grows increasingly complicated.     

The Mesmerizing Appeal of the Forbidden

By presenting Saylor as nursing deep trauma in her past, Abu-Khalaf sensitively addresses issues sadly far too common in society. Saylor’s emergence from darkness and into Wade’s stabilizing embrace sends an uplifting message of resilience. Abu-Khalaf hopes the central duo’s electrifying chemistry, coupled with their seemingly insurmountable obstacles, will leave readers furiously turning pages while simultaneously questioning cultural norms dictating whom one should love.

On the Horizon 

As Abu-Khalaf’s storytelling gifts continue rapidly developing through her fledgling career, exciting new projects loom over the horizon. She is currently creating another novel, “Prettiest Little Thief,” while also polishing “Fresh” through rounds of editing before its planned 2024 publication. Due to Hybrid Awakening’s runaway success, readers also beg for news on an eventual sequel continuing Nova and Elias’s adventures—an enticing possibility surely not far from Abu-Khalaf’s mind. 

Looking Inward at Her Own Journey

When reflecting on her ascent within the publishing arena thus far, Abu-Khalaf credits intensive writing classes, exponentially strengthening her skills over time. But beyond honing sentence-level techniques, Abu-Khalaf has most cherished the sheer escape worldbuilding provides for both herself and reading fans. Through emotionally resonating tales brimming with spice and originality, she hopes to guide others into exhilarating new terrain for many books to come. Indeed, with Abu-Khalaf’s stellar momentum and command of fantasy, this promising author’s dreams seem destined for the stars.

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